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Sunday Quiz: How Motherly Are You?

Are you the motherly type or… not so much? Take the quiz to find out!

1. Your friend calls you in tears telling you she just broke up with her boyfriend. You…

a) Feel sorry for her. What else can you do?

b) Drop everything you’re doing to go provide her a shoulder to cry on

c) Ask her if she’s OK and if you can do anything do help

2. You’ve been invited to a kid’s birthday party.

a) Ugh. I need to find a good excuse to ditch it

b) I offer to get there early to help out with the preparations

c) Fun! I’ll be sure to drop by and bring a nice gift

3. Which of the following you would consider more important?

a) Being fun

b) Being supportive

c) Being kind

4. How do feel about spending time with your family?

a) It’s a bit of a chore… I’d rather hang out with my friends

b) It’s super important. Family comes first!

c) I enjoy big family gatherings now and then, but really appreciate some alone time

5. You’ve been invited to a night out with friends.

a) Aw, yeah! I need to find an amazing outfit, stat!

b) I’d rather skip it, but I’ll make an appearance if pressed. I don’t want to offend anyone…

c) Cool. Sounds fun!

6. You see a little boy crying at the mall. Apparently he strayed and got lost. You…

a) Continue shopping… it’s not my problem!

b) Offer to stand beside him until you find his parents

c) Contact a security guard to go help him

7. It’s Friday night. You are looking forward to…

a) Partying!

b) Sleeping in tomorrow!

c) Having a whole weekend to relax and have fun!

Add up your scores and see what you got!

Mostly A’s: Not Yo Mama

barbebrigitaYou’re too busy being your fabulous self to have time for mothering others. You put yourself first and foremost, and you know what? Good for you!

Mostly B’s: A Mom at Heart

NatmoFashionYou’re a very giving person. You put other people’s needs above your own and probably enjoy the love and appreciation you get in return!

Mostly C’s: Kid Friendly

CestlavenusYou might not be ready to fully dedicate yourself to taking care of others, but you’re very kind and open. People know they can count on you when needed!

Sunday Quiz: Jeans Style

Time to found out which jeans style best represents your personality!

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 15.50.39

1. How would you rather celebrate your birthday?

a) Night out on the town

b) Going to a cool concert or somewhere with live music

c) Low key dinner party

d) Brunch with the girls!

2. What would you consider a bigger priority when picking an outfit?

a) I doesn’t matter much as long as my makeup looks good

b) …making sure the clothes are clean?

c) Feeling comfortable

d) Being on trend

3. Which of these is your favorite music genre?

a) Pop

b) Rock, for sure

c) I enjoy a wide variety of styles

d) Anything indie

4. Pick a pet!

a) Cat

b) Iguana

c) Goldfish

d) Puppy

5. It’s 10 PM. That means…

a) Party’s just getting started!

b) Oh, I didn’t really notice. Time is relative…

c) Bedtime!

d) That depends. Wanna do something?

6. What’s your favorite thing to do on a Sunday?

a) Have a bit of fun before the week starts

b) Hang out with my crew

c) Sunday is the perfect day to do absolutely nothing!

d) Same as usual… go shopping!

7. In which occasion would you usually wear your favorite pair of jeans?

a) Regular day to day at school/work

b) Going out with friends

c) Uhm. Whenever, wherever?

d) On a date

Add up your results to find out which kind of jeans have the perfect fit for you!

Mostly A’s: Skinny Jeans

jeansskinnyMiss fancy! You’re always quite stylish and up for a party… as long as it’s fab, of course! You are very attentive to detail and make sure you always look your best!

Mostly B’s: Ripped Jeans

jeansrippedKnow what? You’re kinda cool. At least that’s how you keep it! You’re a casual girl without many hang ups, and that probably makes you seem quite approachable.

Mostly C’s: Loose Fit Jeans

jeanslooseNo worries… that’s your style! Quite the casual, you know exactly who you are and don’t care much about other people’s opinions. You’re low key and know you don’t have to sacrifice comfort to look good! 😉

Mostly D’s: High Waisted Shorts

jeansshortsYou’re fun, girly, and great company! Your enthusiastic personality is contagious, and your style too! You may be a bit of a trendsetter in your circles…

Do you like the jeans you got?

Sunday Quiz: Hunger Games Hunk

You all know we loooove The Hunger Games over at Stardoll, right? Such adventure, drama, inspiring heroines… and romantic possibilities!

Wanna know which of the dreamy Hunger Games hunks would be the best match for you? Take the quiz!

1. You would describe yourself as…

a) Shy

b) Funny

c) Adventurous

2. How do you envision your future?

a) Nice and peaceful home life, perhaps raising kids…

b) Lavish lifestyle, fame, having to fend off paparazzi

c) Lots of traveling & living exciting experiences abroad

3. Pick the foods you couldn’t live without!

a) Bread & pastries

b) Chocolate & candy

c) Meat & potatoes

4. If you were to get married…

a) I would keep it simple and romantic

b) I would be sure to organize the Best. Wedding. Ever. and invite at least 300 of my closest friends!

c) I would rather elope…

5. I would rather have a partner that’s…

a) Caring

b) Energetic

c) Reliable

6. Which of these Hunger Games ladies do you most identify with?

a) Primrose Everdeen

b) Effie Trinket

c) President Coin

7. In which of these districts/fields would you rather work in?

a) District 11 / Agriculture

b) District 8 / Textiles

c) District 3 / Electronics

Add your scores to find out which Hunger Games guy is the one for you!

Mostly A’s: Peeta Mellark!
Peeta is just so… ❤ ! You need someone that’s warm and fuzzy on the inside – and that would do everything in his power to please you! Loving, dedicated and unpretentious, “the boy with the bread” is the one for you!Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 12.18.02

Mostly B’s: Finnick Odair!
Finnick may seem like a bit of a flirt, but he’s super passionate and caring deep down. There wouldn’t be a single dull moment beside someone like him… A guy that’s charming, fun and confident would suit you just perfectly!Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 12.16.01

Mostly C’s: Gale Hawthorne!
How could you NOT fall for Gale? Despite the tough guy attitude, he’s also a deeply caring fellow. Expressing his feelings may not be his forte, but you can always count on him when things get real. The “strong & silent” type is just what you need.Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 12.13.18

Sunday Quiz: Parisian Treat

Time for another Sunday Quiz! This weeks LE Decor release left us all here at the Stardoll HQ feeling enchanté!

Imagine you’re taking a stroll around the streets of Paris. Oui, la vie est belle!
You’re having such a great time you decide it’s time to treat yourself…


Take the quiz to find out what Parisian treat best suits your personality!

1. In the mornings you…

a) Jump out of bed full of energy!

b) Tend to be grumpy

c) Can only function properly after a nice breakfast

2. How would you rather start a weekend?

a) Meeting some friends for a nice brunch

b) Catching up with some reading

c) By sleeping in! Into the afternoon, if possible…

3. You love the smell of…

a) Flowers!

b) Coffee!

c) Freshly baked bread!

4. I would rather invite a friend to meet me at…

a) A fair

b) A cozy café

c) A mall

5. Pick a fruit!

a) Strawberries

b) Apples

c) Grapes

6. What are your go to shoes?

a) Sneakers

b) Oxford boots

c) Heels, always!

7. Pick a French word that best describes you!

a) Joyeux

b) Sérieux

c) Élégant

Count up your scores to see which Parisian treat best suits you!

Mostly A’s: How about some… macarons!
You’re a cheery and sweet person. You’re overflowing in joie de vivre and tend to put everyone around you in a good mood. Macarons are not only varied, fun & colorful… but also irresistible, like you!


Mostly B’s: How about some… coffee!
You can’t deny it… you’re probably “the mature one” in your circles. You’re sensible and quite the connaisseur. Coffee lover or not, you know what you like and you won’t settle for less!


Mostly C’s: How about… a croissant!
Why make things complicated? If you’re in Paris, you want the best it has to offer! You enjoy the finer things in life and you’re always well informed of the latest trends. You’re trés chic and proud of it!


Sunday Quiz: Decor Brand

Curious to know which Stardoll decor brand best represents you? Take the quiz to find out!

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 17.24.34

1. Where do you spend most of your time?

a) At home

b) At school/work

c) Here and there…

d) Lounging in the sun

2. What would you rather do on a Friday night?

a) Go out for dinner & a movie

b) Host a fancy party

c) Enjoy a circus performance

d) Pack for a weekend vacation

3. Which kind of books do you enjoy the most?

a) Romantic novels

b) Non-fiction

c) Fantasy

d) I only read magazines, actually

4. Pick an animal!

a) Puppy

b) Bengal tiger

c) Unicorn

d) Dolphin

5. I would rather be…

a) Loved

b) Rich

c) Admired

d) Carefree

6. How would you describe your personal style?

a) Casual

b) Extravagant

c) Alternative

d) Hippie

7. Where would you rather live?

a) A cozy loft in the city

b) A countryside manor

c) A cabin in the woods

d) A beach town

Time to add up your scores and see your perfect decor match!

Mostly A’s: Sweet Suites. You’re romantic at heart, and you thrive in warm and welcoming environments. You like to keep things nice and simple — and you know how to take pleasure in the little things!


Mostly B’s: Opulence. Let’s face it… you can be quite demanding and have a hard time accepting anything but the best. You enjoy the glitz and glam of a lavish lifestyle, and it’s probably because you know you’re worth it!150412opulence

Mostly C’s: Magic Emporium. Your sense of wonder knows no bounds. You like things and people around you to be out of the ordinary and you are easily entertained by the quirks and mysteries life has to offer.


Mostly D’s: Golden Sands. You’re all about rest & relaxation, and take whatever opportunity you can get to just lounge away. You’re open-minded and easygoing, and that’s probably a big part of what makes people feel so comfortable around you!150412sands

Which decor brand are you? Share in the comments!

Sunday Quiz: Easter Gift

Happy Easter, guys!

Our special gift to all our beloved stardolls is the Bunny Hop special!
Hope you guys have been enjoying yourselves so far… and keep doing so, because there’s more to come!

In today’s quiz we hope to find out what other special Easter gift would suit you best!

1. What do you most enjoy about Easter?

a) I’m just so happy it’s Spring!

b) Spending time with family and friends.

c) Good food and sweets, of course!

2. What would you consider the best gift for the Easter bunny?

a) A beautiful garden to run around in.

b) A big hug! The bunny deserves some love and credit for all the hard work.

c) Carrots! Isn’t that what rabbits like?

3. Where would you rather spend your holidays?

a) In the countryside.

b) At home.

c) In a big city I’ve never been to before.

4. How would you dress up for the celebrations?

a) Spring dresses, florals…

b) I would wear something comfortable in which I wouldn’t mind getting dirty.

c) T-shirt and jeans, as usual.

5. Which of these Easter eggs would you pick?

a) The most colorful one.

b) The simplest one.

c) The biggest one.

6. After Easter dinner, we would most likely find you…

a) Outdoors, enjoying some fresh air.

b) Clearing the table and helping with the dishes.

c) Lying down and barely moving. I may have eaten too much…

Add up your answers to see what you should find in your Easter basket!

Mostly A’s: Flowers!

2015-04-04 flowersPart of what makes Easter so special is the fact that everything is lively and in bloom! You enjoy any reason to have fun in the sun and love being surrounded by pretty sights and nice colorful details.

Mostly B’s: A pet!

2015-04-04 kittensYou are a loving and caring person and love having company wherever you go. Being kind and considerate to others, as well as having a playful spirit makes you a good candidate to be a responsible caretaker!

Mostly C’s: Lots of chocolate & candy!

2015-04-04 eggsLet’s be honest… You don’t care about whatever else, Easter is all about candy, chocolate eggs and assorted goodies! You definitely enjoy a treat and fully take advantage of the season to give your sweet tooth what it craves!

Happy with what you got? Let us know in the comments!

Sunday Quiz: How Well Do You Handle Rejection?

Everyone gets rejected at some point. And it hurts big time. So how do you deal with it? Get some insight into your coping skills by taking this quiz.

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 22.34.46Stardoll member Vampire_Matthew, visit his suite:

  1. You apply for a summer job as a barista in the trendiest coffee shop at town. You don’t get the job, but they ask if you want to be considered to be a parking attendant.

    a) You say yes, but don’t hold out much hope. If you’re not good enough to be a barista, why would they want you as a parking attendant?
    b) You say, “No, thanks”. You’ll only get turned down again so why go through that twice.
    c) You say, “Yes, I’d love to!” It’s not your first choice and you’re totally pretending to be excited. But you need the job.

  1. You’re telling your friends a funny story when one of your teachers walks into a glass door. Everyone laughs – just not at your story.

    a) You think, “That was funny, but my story was better. If I were a good storyteller I wouldn’t have flubbed it like that.”
    b) You decide to avoid your friends for a while. If they can’t listen to your stories, why should you listen to theirs?
    c) You laugh so hard you forget your story – it wasn’t nearly as good as watching your professor being a goof.

  1. You audition for the lead in the school musical. it’s down to you and one other student – and she/he gets the part.

    a) You plan to put itching powder in his/her makeup on opening night.
    b) You decide the drama teacher picked her because he/she’s prettier. You may have a better voice, but you’ll never amount to anything because you don’t have the looks.
    c) You go out with friends for ice cream and commiseration, then refocus your attention on training for Saturday’s swimming class.

  1. You’ve been planning your birthday party for weeks. You lost sleep thinking up how crowded the party would be. The day finally arrives… and no one shows up.

    a) You tell yourself, “Wow, what was I thinking?”
    b) You decide it’s best not to ask anyone out in the future so you don’t embarrass yourself like that again.
    c) You feel totally devastated, have a good cry, then reevaluate… They missed it, but I am worth of friends. I will plan another reunion soon with my closest friends.

  1. You’ve wanted to go to one college since you were 14, so you didn’t put much thought into your safety schools. But today you got to know that you were rejected.

    a) You tell yourself you’re fine but keep thinking about how your dream is shattered and your life is ruined.
    b) You give on your dreams of college. You’re just not smart enough.
    c) You talk it over with your parents and decide to go to another school and try to transfer after a while. This definitely taught you the value of a backup plan!


Majority of a) – Self-defeating

Any single situation could cause a vast number of reactions, sometimes those reactions begin to sabotage our happiness. We seldom think much about our learning history, and it begins to control us without our realizing it. If we have developing self-defeating habits, those patterns can hurt our chances of a fulfilling life. When we repeatedly do harmful things, most of us ask, “Why do I keep doing things that are so self-defeating?” The answer is…..because we learned to react that way. Unfortunately, we only think about the “why” after a self-defeat, not before. To change sabotaging habits, we will need to think about them before sabotaging ourselves.

Dwelling or acting on them messes up any chances for our own great things!

Majority of b) – Too hard on yourself

Thinking we’re not good enough can undermine our belief in ourselves – and even affect how things turn out. Instead, focus on the new opportunities and learnings that come after not getting exactly what you want. Remember, sometimes the universe doesn’t give us exactly what we want maybe, because you deserve something better… 😉 Keep your eyes open, learn from experience, and make the best of what you have.

Majority of c) – Well adjusted

It takes a healthy self-confidence to bounce back from disappointment and forge ahead. sometimes our second choice turns out better than our first – you’re open to discovering that. Well done!


We hope that you enjoyed this quiz, and that it helps you out to be a happier you.

Much love as always,

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