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Sunday Quiz: Fashion Week

That time of the year has started! Do you know enough about Fashion Week to call yourself a true-blue fashionista? Let’s see that…


     Image: © Andrew Burton/Reuters. Taken from on 15/02/2015

1. Where did Fashion Week Started?

a) Paris
b) New York
c) London

2. In which decade was it stablished?

a) 60’s
b) 40’s
c) 80’s

3. What’s the average duration of a fashion show?

a) 30 minutes
b) 11  minutes
c) 20 minutes

4. What was the original name for the event?

a) Couture Week.
b) Press Week.
c) Mode Week.

5. Who are the real ‘Big Four’?

a) New York, Madrid, Paris, Milan
b) New York, London, Milan, Paris
c) New York, Paris, Stockholm, London

Check you results:

Majority of a). There’s no doubt that you are interested in fashion. Unfortunately – or excitingly – you still have a long way to go! If fashion is your passion, do not get disappointed for this result. Put yourself together and set high goals to get to know more about this hectic industry.

Majority of b). You are a true-blue fashionista. You say you love fashion and we believe you!

Majority of c). Hmmm. It seems that you are not that into it. If yes, there are loads of exciting things to catch up on!

Do you know other interesting facts about Fashion Week? Share them in a comment!

Sunday Quiz: Dream Cities

Time for the Sunday Quiz! This week, find out which city is your perfect match. Don’t forget to leave a comment and tell us what you would like to be quizzed on next week!

 1. Which is your favorite time of the year?

a) Winter

b) Summer

c) Spring

d) Autumn

2. Pick a place to eat!

a) Somewhere hip and edgy.

b) A modern place with a cool interior.

c) A bistro

d) At home with family and friends

3. What kind of movies do you like?

a) Indie films

b) Action movies

c) Romantic Comedies

d) Dramas or documentaries

4. Pick a color combination!

a) Black & White

b) Neon yellow & Grey

c) Pastel pink & baby blue

d) Emerald green & rusty red

5. How would you describe your style?

a) Cool, edgy.

b) Fun, young.

c) Feminine, girly.

d) Classic.

6. What couldn’t you live without?

a) My music collection.

b) My phone.

c) Delicious food.

d) My favorite hangout.

7. Pick a brand!

a) Heatherette

b) Comme des Garçons

c) Chloë

d) Vivienne Westwood

8. Now, pick a favorite Starplaza store!

a) IT Girls

b) Evil Panda

c) Bonjour Bizou

d) Callie’s Picks

9. Which decade would suit you best?

a) The 90s

b) The future!

c) The 50s

d) The 60s

10. Finally, what kind of music do you like?

a) Alternative

b) Pop

c) Acoustic

d) Rock

Time for the results! And your perfect city is….

Mostly A: New York! The city that never sleeps would suit you perfectly! You could go vintage shopping on Elizabeth Street or catch an  off-Broadway show, then head out for a night of fun with friends at the latest hotspot.

Mostly B: Tokyo! The busy streets and rich culture would be your ideal destination! Experience adventure and thrills, quirky style and mind-blowing design in this amazing city! Hang out with the harajuko girls, see the snow-capped tip of mount Fuji and eat the world’s best sushi – all in one day!

Mostly C: Paris! The romantic capital of the world would fit you just right. Take a stroll along the Champs Elysées and marvel at great works of art at the Louvre, or just sit back and enjoy some of the best cuisine in the world.

Mostly D: London! Soak up the atmosphere in Soho or check out the busy shopping streets, jam-packed with amazing stores and fabulous designer brands. Take the evening off and relax with a world class play at the theatre!

Where would you go? And what would you like to be quizzed on next week? Make sure to tell us in the comments!

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