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Celebrity to Stardoll: Beyoncé

Guest blogger: blossumbabe



Hi dolls,
A few weeks ago I had a request from an anonymous source to create a Beyoncé outfit, so this week, here she is the superstar we all know and love!
Beyoncé’s sense of fashion is unlike any other celebrity’s and its no secret, she can pull anything off. Today’s outfit is a dressy-casual look that is quite close to the original one worn by the music sensation. The mixed prints work in perfect collaboration with each other and the statement piece necklace ties the whole outfit together. Unfortunately, all the items depicted are worth stardollars. Nonetheless, there are heaps of items in Starplaza you can substitute these for to get this Beyoncé-inspired look.
If you liked this post or have a request for a celebrity outfit you want to see in next week’s Celebrity to Stardoll post let me know in the comments.
You can find me on Stardoll as blossumbabe.


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