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Mystery Celeb

Can you solve this one?

1510215 points: The celeb was born in the US, and her first name is Vera.

4 points: She’s an actress, writer and comedian.

3 points: Her first experiencing in show business was working as an intern for “Late Night with Conan O’Brien”.

2 points: She is one of the few Indian-American women currently in television…

1 point: You probably know her by her middle name: Mindy!

Know who she is? Let’s hear it!

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Mystery Celeb

Let’s see how many clues it takes you to figure this one out!

1509095 points: This celeb was born in Paris, France.

4 points: She is a popular British actress.

3 points: A feminist role model, she was appointed a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador in 2014.

2 points: Had her screen debut at 11 years old after being cast in a very popular movie series.

1 point: Her initials are ECDW… but most people think of her as Hermione!

This one is obvious, right? Did you get a high score?

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Mystery Celeb

You know this girl! …right?

1508195 points: Though her teenage looks might fool you, this celeb is 30 years old.

4 points: This singer and actress got a really early start to her career and landed a big role on Broadway at just 8 years old.

3 points: Her super adorable dog (pictured) is called Maui.

2 points: She has been in many Disney Channel shows and movies…

1 point: You probably can’t look without thinking… Sharpay!

The last one surely gave it away… Let us know if you found out who she is in the comments!

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Mystery Celeb

Like pretty much everyone, we ❤ this celeb! Don’t you?

1508125 points: She was born in California in 1969.

4 points: Now one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood, it’s no wonder where she got her calling from. Both her parents are actors!

3 points: She supported herself by working part-time as a waitress, telemarketer and bike messenger while trying to kick-start her acting career.

2 points: She married to her (second) also-celebrity husband very recently, after having been engaged for three years.

1 point: We’ll always think of her as one of our dear Friends, Rachel!



Who’s this mysterious gal? Share in the comments!

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Mystery Celeb + kid

Can you guess who’s this mystery celeb (and her teenage daughter)?

1508055 points: Our celeb is an Academy Award-winning actress.

4 points: Despite being considered a typical American girl, she lived in Germany for 4 years during her childhood.

3 points: Her look-alike daughter (pictured) and oldest son have two famous parents! Their dad is also an actor.

2 points: Our celeb was married to another Hollywood actor for 8 years before the couple split in 2007. She is now married to another guy in show business… a talent agent!

1 point: She conquered the world’s collective heart as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde!

Did you figure out who’s the mother-daughter duo? Let us know in the comments!

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Mystery Celeb

Do you like this celeb? You’ll only know if you find out her identity!

1507295 points: Our celebrity is a true California girl, coming from a show business family and all!

4 points: An actress by trade, she’s very serious about her hobby — cooking! She would like to one day become a restaurateur.

3 points: She was quite active in high school being class president, a cheerleader and a member of the show choir.

2 points: She met her also famous (and may we add “gorgeous”?) husband in the set of The Green Lantern.

1 point: Her last name matches her personality, as she’s quite “lively”!

Who’s the mystery celeb? Leave a comment if you think you got it right!

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Mystery Celeb Couple #2

Another twofold mystery! How many clues will it take you to figure out who this famous couple is?


5 points: They’re both actors.

4 points: He was born in the US, while she moved to America with her family at the age of 7.

3 points: She’s a bit of a tomboy and he’s quite a prankster…

2 points: Even though they met in 1998, they only became a couple in 2012!

1 point: The pair got married very recently, after having a long on-screen relationship in That ’70s Show.

Know who this couple is? Share in the comments!

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