Contest Winners: Masterpiece Scenery

Tuesdays mean there’s a brand new contest in Stardoll. And a new contest means there’s a chance for you to show us what you got and be rewarded for your talents!

If there’s anything our staff looks forward to in the beginning of each week, it’s going through your contest submissions every Tuesday. It’s demanding work though. More often than not, we’re overwhelmed by many prize-worthy entries and have to run to other team members to get a second opinion when choosing the winners.

This was definitely the case with our latest scenery contest, entitled “Your Masterpiece”. We narrowed it down to 12 incredible sceneries and had a hard time picking only 5 winners from that bunch! But we persisted, asked for help, consulted with our trusty co-workers… and finally came to a conclusion!

Without further ado, these were the masterpieces we selected:

FlyingNose stunned us all with this exotic flowery creation. Beautiful with a hint of danger!

We were mesmerized by x1ceren1x‘s strange creature and exquisite universe. It’s quite the luring imagery.

We can’t really put out finger on it, but there’s something special about this scenery by AnitooWee. It’s just so ALIVE, somehow.

We have to give it to mary.lindi… The use of items used to create this lion’s mane was quite clever!

Finally, piratefly‘s captivating canvas took our sense of wonder to dark and dreamlike places.

Hope you guys were taken by these masterpieces as much as we were.

And remember… stay tuned to our contest page! It’s the best way to keep track of what challenges (and opportunities!) await.

1 Response to “Contest Winners: Masterpiece Scenery”

  1. 1 Andreq Milkova November 15, 2015 at 12:35 am

    I just saw this Thanks and my scenery was supposed to look really different, but most items were removed because of the glitch – AnitooWee


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