Sunday Quiz: Parisian Treat

Time for another Sunday Quiz! This weeks LE Decor release left us all here at the Stardoll HQ feeling enchanté!

Imagine you’re taking a stroll around the streets of Paris. Oui, la vie est belle!
You’re having such a great time you decide it’s time to treat yourself…


Take the quiz to find out what Parisian treat best suits your personality!

1. In the mornings you…

a) Jump out of bed full of energy!

b) Tend to be grumpy

c) Can only function properly after a nice breakfast

2. How would you rather start a weekend?

a) Meeting some friends for a nice brunch

b) Catching up with some reading

c) By sleeping in! Into the afternoon, if possible…

3. You love the smell of…

a) Flowers!

b) Coffee!

c) Freshly baked bread!

4. I would rather invite a friend to meet me at…

a) A fair

b) A cozy café

c) A mall

5. Pick a fruit!

a) Strawberries

b) Apples

c) Grapes

6. What are your go to shoes?

a) Sneakers

b) Oxford boots

c) Heels, always!

7. Pick a French word that best describes you!

a) Joyeux

b) Sérieux

c) Élégant

Count up your scores to see which Parisian treat best suits you!

Mostly A’s: How about some… macarons!
You’re a cheery and sweet person. You’re overflowing in joie de vivre and tend to put everyone around you in a good mood. Macarons are not only varied, fun & colorful… but also irresistible, like you!


Mostly B’s: How about some… coffee!
You can’t deny it… you’re probably “the mature one” in your circles. You’re sensible and quite the connaisseur. Coffee lover or not, you know what you like and you won’t settle for less!


Mostly C’s: How about… a croissant!
Why make things complicated? If you’re in Paris, you want the best it has to offer! You enjoy the finer things in life and you’re always well informed of the latest trends. You’re trés chic and proud of it!


5 Responses to “Sunday Quiz: Parisian Treat”

  1. 1 laura Coronell April 19, 2015 at 7:54 pm

    1.=C) 4.=A)

    2.=C) 5.=A)

    3.=C) 6.=C)

    7.=C) 🙂 Thank You


  2. 2 MartinaAurelia April 20, 2015 at 3:55 pm

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