Sunday Quiz: Which Kind Of Friend Are You?

“Friendship is born at that moment when one man says to another:“What! You too? I thought that no one but myself . . .”” – C.S. Lewis.

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Friendships, above all, allow us to discover ourselves, and to evolve. Those special bonds with certain people are an important part of what keeps us rolling in this ‘crazy world’. A real friend is a treasure, and we should be able to recognise them – at the end of the day a real friend will always be spotted. He or she will be right next to you in the good moments AND in the bad ones.

This quiz will help you to evaluate your disposition to be a friend and will help to identify certain aspects needed to be cultivated in order to make you a better friend.

Remember dollies, this is just an orientation test, there’s no diagnostic value in it.

Here it goes. Grab pen and paper and be honest!

1. When you think of your childhood friend:

a) You like to remember, but it was ‘child stuff’.
b) You feel melancholic. You’ve never had a relationship like that since then.
c) You feel happy, so many good memories!

2. Friendship is:

a) To have emotional support.
b) To laugh together.
c) To trust each other with your innermost secrets.

3. When you are anxious, you tend to think that the best thing to do is:

a) To reschedule/cancel commitments, you need to rest.
b) Go immediately with the doctor.
c) To hang out with your friends to forget about ‘that’.

4. When you are with your friend(s), do weird or unexplainable things happen to you?

a) Never. What are you talking about?
b) All the time.
c) Sometimes.

5. An old classmate/colleague that you haven’t seen for a while, invites you to have dinner. How do you react to this?

a) You look for an excuse/makeup one. You wouldn’t know what to talk about with him/her!
b) You accept! And of course you have a great time.
c) You attend with no expectations at all.

6. If you find a real friend, you have found a treasure because:

a) You have someone who will always listen to your dramas and will understand you.
b) You have found a source of mutual advantages.
c) There’s the possibility to find yourself.

7. Someone you know has trust you with a secret…

a) It takes you five minutes to say it to your bestie. How could you hide that from him/her?
b) You are dying to tell your friend about it, but you resist to the temptation.
c) You can take a secret to the grave.

8. You dream of a friend that you haven’t spoken for a long time, and suddenly…

a) Suddenly what…?
b) You find him/her after a couple of days.
c) You talk to someone that updates you on his/her life.

9. You think of your BFF and suddenly he/she calls you. This happens to you:

a) Never.
b) Sometimes.
c) All the time!

10. What is the most important quality in a friendship:

a) Wanting to be together.
b) Share similar interests – and time together.
c) Loyalty.

So, here’s the deal:

Majority of a) –  Opportunist.

Most probably you know how to be a loyal friend, but there’s an indication that you need to sit down and analyse what do you offer as a friend. You tend to make friends mostly to have them there for you. Remember that a friendship is a two way situation. For a friendship to work you also need to be there!

Majority of b) –  Idealist.

For you, friendship is one of the most important values out there and you expect a lot from your friends – maybe a little too much; comfort, support and distraction in difficult times. You have to consider that you might be putting a lot of pressure on the person, whom, even if trying his/her best, will at some point not accomplish with all your expectations, which doesn’t mean is not a good friend. Remember they might be having issues in their life that could be affecting their disposition to be at 120% there for you. Maybe your friendship would flow better if everything didn’t have to be so idyllic.

Majority of c) – Irreplaceable.

Freedom and security, depth and lightness. The perfect ying-yang and balance of opposites that make you irreplaceable as a friend. You know how to establish a  relationship that is never oppressive. With the right ones, you pursue a link that’s beyond space and time. What’s your secret? You know how to accept people just the way they are. Far from imposing and trying to change them, you allow them to discover themselves, without the fear of being judged.

Don’t forget to share your results in the comments!

Much love as always,

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