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Who Wore It Best?

Hi dollies!

Another exciting edition of ‘Who Wore It Best?’ is here! We love to see how you make our hard work come alive. You always style and come up with amazing creations! And that’s what Stardoll is all about.

On this occasion bekkamcdevitt0 and naaru are our stars! They definitely knew how to make that ‘Striped Tube Top’ from the latest blue and white Callie’s Picks collection look outstanding. Two different styles, two comfortable and chic statements.

Let us know in the comments: Who do YOU think that wore that ‘Striped Tube Top best?


Have a lovely day,

Mystery Celeb

Hi dollies,

Another Mystery Celeb is here! YUHUU


Here are your clues:

5 points: His favorite author is Dr. Seuss. (- extra points for that Mystery Celeb!)

4 points: This mystery celeb’s favorite subject in school was Social Studies.

3 points: He weighs 140 pounds.

2 points: On January 5th, 2008, he was rushed to the hospital when he tripped on a grate backstage at an Atlantic City concert!

1 point: He has other 2 famous and handsome brothers…


Share your guess in the comments! 

Have a lovely day,


Image source: posh24

Sunday Quiz: How Well Do You Handle Rejection?

Everyone gets rejected at some point. And it hurts big time. So how do you deal with it? Get some insight into your coping skills by taking this quiz.

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 22.34.46Stardoll member Vampire_Matthew, visit his suite:

  1. You apply for a summer job as a barista in the trendiest coffee shop at town. You don’t get the job, but they ask if you want to be considered to be a parking attendant.

    a) You say yes, but don’t hold out much hope. If you’re not good enough to be a barista, why would they want you as a parking attendant?
    b) You say, “No, thanks”. You’ll only get turned down again so why go through that twice.
    c) You say, “Yes, I’d love to!” It’s not your first choice and you’re totally pretending to be excited. But you need the job.

  1. You’re telling your friends a funny story when one of your teachers walks into a glass door. Everyone laughs – just not at your story.

    a) You think, “That was funny, but my story was better. If I were a good storyteller I wouldn’t have flubbed it like that.”
    b) You decide to avoid your friends for a while. If they can’t listen to your stories, why should you listen to theirs?
    c) You laugh so hard you forget your story – it wasn’t nearly as good as watching your professor being a goof.

  1. You audition for the lead in the school musical. it’s down to you and one other student – and she/he gets the part.

    a) You plan to put itching powder in his/her makeup on opening night.
    b) You decide the drama teacher picked her because he/she’s prettier. You may have a better voice, but you’ll never amount to anything because you don’t have the looks.
    c) You go out with friends for ice cream and commiseration, then refocus your attention on training for Saturday’s swimming class.

  1. You’ve been planning your birthday party for weeks. You lost sleep thinking up how crowded the party would be. The day finally arrives… and no one shows up.

    a) You tell yourself, “Wow, what was I thinking?”
    b) You decide it’s best not to ask anyone out in the future so you don’t embarrass yourself like that again.
    c) You feel totally devastated, have a good cry, then reevaluate… They missed it, but I am worth of friends. I will plan another reunion soon with my closest friends.

  1. You’ve wanted to go to one college since you were 14, so you didn’t put much thought into your safety schools. But today you got to know that you were rejected.

    a) You tell yourself you’re fine but keep thinking about how your dream is shattered and your life is ruined.
    b) You give on your dreams of college. You’re just not smart enough.
    c) You talk it over with your parents and decide to go to another school and try to transfer after a while. This definitely taught you the value of a backup plan!


Majority of a) – Self-defeating

Any single situation could cause a vast number of reactions, sometimes those reactions begin to sabotage our happiness. We seldom think much about our learning history, and it begins to control us without our realizing it. If we have developing self-defeating habits, those patterns can hurt our chances of a fulfilling life. When we repeatedly do harmful things, most of us ask, “Why do I keep doing things that are so self-defeating?” The answer is…..because we learned to react that way. Unfortunately, we only think about the “why” after a self-defeat, not before. To change sabotaging habits, we will need to think about them before sabotaging ourselves.

Dwelling or acting on them messes up any chances for our own great things!

Majority of b) – Too hard on yourself

Thinking we’re not good enough can undermine our belief in ourselves – and even affect how things turn out. Instead, focus on the new opportunities and learnings that come after not getting exactly what you want. Remember, sometimes the universe doesn’t give us exactly what we want maybe, because you deserve something better… 😉 Keep your eyes open, learn from experience, and make the best of what you have.

Majority of c) – Well adjusted

It takes a healthy self-confidence to bounce back from disappointment and forge ahead. sometimes our second choice turns out better than our first – you’re open to discovering that. Well done!


We hope that you enjoyed this quiz, and that it helps you out to be a happier you.

Much love as always,

Who Wore It Best?

Hi dollies,

We hope your Saturday is going.. divine!

Here there is another edition of: “Who Wore It Best?”. On this occassion the Poe Print Blouse from the Fallen Angel collection is the star!

And look at these two amazing fashionistas! We couldn’t decide… but, we want to hear from you: who do YOU think that wore that blouse the best?


Much love as always,

Mystery Celeb

Hi dollies,

It’s time for another Mystery Celeb moment! Check the clues…


5 points. She decided she wanted to be a singer and actress at the age of 8.

4 points. Her first big gig was for an Ovaltine commercial

3 points. Appeared on Gilmore Girls

2 points. She was in a festival flick in 2005. The film debuted at the Venice Film Festival and won the Special Jury Prize. It also played at Toronto Film, Deauville Film Festival and San Sebastián International Film Festival!

1 point. She gets often mistaken for another big TV celebrity! … 😉

Who’s your guess? Let us know in the comments! 





Sunday Quiz: What’s Your Spring Lip Gloss Tone ?

Hi dollies,

Spring is almost here! – as you can notice, we are so happy about that here at Stardoll HQ 🙂 – That means you can finally start making room for some fresh spring lip gloss! There are tons of different colors for the season, but which tones are meant for you given your fashion style? Take the quiz to find out:

1. What’s your personality?

a) Energetic
b) Adventurous
c) Friendly
d) Independent

2. What are you looking forward to wearing the most this spring?

a) Shorts
b) Dresses
c) Sandals
d) Skirts

3. What color do you wear most often?

a) Blue
b) Red
c) Pink
d) Black

4. What’s your favourite TV show:

a) Modern Family
b) The Vampire Diaries
c) Pretty Little Liars
d) The Voice

5. You’re going to a party. What’s your outfit?

a) A short dress
b) Jeans and a t-shirt
c) A skirt with heels
d) Leggings with a long tank top

6. You pick your makeup based on:

a) Your favourite colors
b) The latest trends
c) Celeb recommendations
d) What looks best on you

7. Your celeb style icon is:

a) Jennifer Lawrence
b) Kendall Jenner
c) Selena Gomez
d) Nina Dobrev

8. How do you normally wear your hair?

a) Ponytail
b) Down
c) Braid
d) It depends on the day

9. Your ideal going out is:

a) Dancing
b) Having a picnic in the park
c) Going to the movies
d) Ufff, a night in front of the TV – of course!


RESULTS. Your lip gloss tone, given your style is:

Majority of a) – Bright

Your spirit is shiny and bright colors match it ! Your positive energy helps to make of this world a better place to live in.

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 17.39.10Stardoll member: popi__stardoll, visit her suite

Majority of b) – Daring

The aura of your persona makes these tones look AMAZING on you! Few people can pull them off, but that adventurous spirit of yours makes you so mysterious, that of course daring tones look good on you!

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 17.55.40

Stardoll member: marya_stardoll7, visit her suite

Majority of c) – Shiny

Nothing like a shiny color on a warm smile to make everyone happy! You are the sunshine everyone wants to be friends with.

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 17.57.29

 Stardoll member: love_stardol8, visit her suite

Majority of d) – Subtle

The inner confidence that you exude is good enough to captivate attention. Your soul shine through your eyes and therefore a subtle tone on your lips will help not to distract anyone from them.

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 17.36.32
Stardoll member: joerga.frozen, visit her suite

Share your result in a comment!

Mystery Celeb

Hmm… Who is this week’s Mystery Celeb?

cara delevigne

Here are some facts about her:

5 points: She was born in 1992.

4 points: Her big break was in 2012.

3 points: At the age of 10 she first appeared in Vogue Italia shot by famous photographer Bruce Weber.

2 points: she’s 5’7′

1 point: She has a Mulberry bag named after her…

So… who’s your guess? Share it on the comments! 



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