Meet the ‘Callie’s picks: Who wears it best?’ CONTEST WINNERS!

Oh dollies, you are a talented bunch! There were many great entries – you made us suffer in here! Every single one of you has that je nais se quoi. But of course, we had to come up with a final decision, and here it is. Meet the ‘Callie’s Picks: Who wears it best?’ contest WINNERS!

In alphabetical order…

AlyssaGrunge. She charmed us with the perfect beach promenade look.



brennm. The ultra chic style and the psychedelic background were the perfect combo that made our hearts go boom boom boom!


Demi_iremstyle. She captivated our fashion senses with her simple, feminine and elegant look!


joje191. She’s simply irresistible and her style reflects it!


zoesPink‘s casual style inspired by the american culture. Doesn’t that cap give an extra edge to the look?


YUHUU! Congrats to the winners!

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16 Responses to “Meet the ‘Callie’s picks: Who wears it best?’ CONTEST WINNERS!”

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    joje191. She’s simply irresistible and her style reflects it!


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