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Who Wore It Best?

The focus of this edition are two pieces: the ‘atari jeans’ and the ‘army style short jacket’ from this week’s Callie’s Picks. Two pieces with a strong personality.

smendesfstar and tnesbittstardoll show us how to wear them letting their own personality and style shine. The question is: Who do YOU think wore those pieces best? Comment!
Have a great Saturday dollies,

Mystery Celeb

Who’s this cutie? Let’s find out!

ariel winter


Here are the clues:

5 points: she’s been acting since she was 4 years old.

4 points: Her favourite books are the Hunger Games series.

3 points: First acting job was in a Cool Whip commercial.

2 points: Is environmentally conscious and urges young readers to “renew, reuse and recycle” in interviews.

1 point: Her name was inspired by Disney’s The Little Mermaid.

That last clue was too easy… I’m pretty sure you got it!

Share your guess in a comment!




Who Wore It Best?

On this occasion, the ‘Jack print Dress’ from the latest Evil Panda collection is the star.

These two lovely stardolls were inspired by it!
Who do you think that wore it best? Comment!

Mystery Celeb 13

This week’s mystery celeb is…



5 points: attended Sarah Lawrence College in September of 2011.

4 points: landed her first gig at 9.

3 points: won awards in tennis, archery and sailing.

2 points: failed her driver’s test three times.

1 point: has a super famous aunt. They have the same last name!


Share your guess in the comments!



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Sunday Quiz: Fashion Week

That time of the year has started! Do you know enough about Fashion Week to call yourself a true-blue fashionista? Let’s see that…


     Image: © Andrew Burton/Reuters. Taken from on 15/02/2015

1. Where did Fashion Week Started?

a) Paris
b) New York
c) London

2. In which decade was it stablished?

a) 60’s
b) 40’s
c) 80’s

3. What’s the average duration of a fashion show?

a) 30 minutes
b) 11  minutes
c) 20 minutes

4. What was the original name for the event?

a) Couture Week.
b) Press Week.
c) Mode Week.

5. Who are the real ‘Big Four’?

a) New York, Madrid, Paris, Milan
b) New York, London, Milan, Paris
c) New York, Paris, Stockholm, London

Check you results:

Majority of a). There’s no doubt that you are interested in fashion. Unfortunately – or excitingly – you still have a long way to go! If fashion is your passion, do not get disappointed for this result. Put yourself together and set high goals to get to know more about this hectic industry.

Majority of b). You are a true-blue fashionista. You say you love fashion and we believe you!

Majority of c). Hmmm. It seems that you are not that into it. If yes, there are loads of exciting things to catch up on!

Do you know other interesting facts about Fashion Week? Share them in a comment!

Who Wore It Best?

Valentine’s Day spirit has gotten Stardoll HQ and the latest releases have been really cute, don’t you think?

Among many lovely items, the Pretty n’ Love ‘Paperbag Waist Skirt’ was the influencer for interesting outfits.  catwomanrawr (left) and naaruu (right) are proof of it. Who do YOU think that wore that skirt the best?

Share your opinion in a comment!

Pretty in Love Post

Happy Valentine’s Day dollies!

Remember, love is not a couple-love only. It’s about friendships, love to your family, to yourself. Let’s celebrate Valentine’s in the spirit of true love!

Much love as always,




Mystery Celeb 13

Who’s this week’s mystery belle?



5 points: This week’s mystery celeb was on an episode of MTV’s The Hills !

4 points: Back in 2008, she was a correspondent for Nickelodeon.

3 points: This mystery celeb has said that she loves reading Jane Austen novels.

2 points: She’s worked as a columnist for British Elle Girl, Seventeen, Teen Vogue, and Los Angeles Times magazines.

1 point: Before hitting in big in movies, she attended the University of Southern California where she studied broadcast journalism.

Share in the comments your guess and how many points you got!





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