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Mystery celeb 11

Find out who this colourful Mystery Celeb is!

Mystery Celeb 11

Image: posh24

5 points: This Mystery Celeb studied Italian Opera singing for a short time.

4 points: Began her music career singing Christian pop.

3 points: Has written songs for Selena Gomez, Ashley Tisdale and Kelly Clarkson.

2 points: She’s been the only artist since Michael Jackson to have 5 number 1 hits from the same album.

1 point: Her real name initials are: K.E.H.

Who’s she? In how many points did you guess it? Share on a comment! 

Sunday Quiz: PLL or TVD?

It’s time for a chilling moment with a Sunday quiz!

Most probably you love both PLL and TVD, right? And most likely you have dreamt about being a character in there. The thing is that deep inside of you there are certain characteristics that match you better with one or the other. Let’s discover if you would be a perfect Mystic Falls or Rosewood resident!

1. What’s your idea of a perfect Friday afternoon?

a) Hanging out with my friends, being happy – for once.
b) Relaxing at home, alone. Trying to forget all the drama.
c) It would be the beginning of the weekend ‘camping’ adventure I have planned with my friends. No parents involved, or any other suspicious human being. It’s the perfect time to share what has happened in our not normal at all lives, and plan ahead!

2. What about your friends? 

a) They are my family. I would kill for them.
b) Even if they stab me, there’s always a place in my heart for them. I’m not naive, but I’m sure that they had their reasons. Time has proved me right so far…
c) It’s a weird relationship. Of course I love them, but I’m sure that they keep secrets from me. I’m cautious with them.

3. Do you prefer day or night?

a) Night.
b) Day.
c) As long as there is a thunderstorm, doesn’t matter if it’s day or night.

4. Which animal do you prefer?

a) Panther.
b) Snake.
c) Eagle.

5. Are you able to keep secrets?

a) Yes. But for some reason I’m always part of them.
b) I would say yes! But if my beloved ones’ lives are at risk…
c) Yes. Secrets are a great source of information. And information is power. It’s all about recognising when to ‘play your cards’.


So, let’s check your results! Share in the comments what you are!


Majority of C:

Darling, you don’t belong – mostly – to either of those shows. It seems that you have enough adventure and adrenaline going on in your life that you could have your own tv show! How exciting that would be! 😉


Majority of B:

OMG! If Rosewood is already a chaos, I can’t imagine how it would be with you in it! Most probably way much more fun! You are a discrete, pretty and smart one that would definitely be able to manage all the chaos happening in there, and who knows, maybe even the one that finally ends up with the A drama!


10932212_421165271376940_618077291_n In this image: jaymorgan1121, chrissycouture, hearthayleerose, and irelandazalea (on Instagram)

Majority of A:

You are the missing piece in all the drama happening in Mystic Falls! There’s some darkness in you that fights the goodie in you. As with everything, there should be a balance, and given your characteristics, it seems that you are strong enough to handle it 😉

928953_310997952423005_2100396371_nImage by ‘diegohbass’ (Instagram)





Mystery Celeb 10

This celebrity was spotted in the sprawling L.A. Farmer’s Market. Healthy food is needed for a happy lifestyle!

Mystery Celeb


5 points: Her favourite dessert is vanilla frozen yogurt with cinnamon and almonds.

4 points: In 2009, she spent a semester studying in Russia at the Moscow Art Theatre School.

3 points: Her breakout role came in 2011, when she appeared in the critically acclaimed film Martha Marcy May Marlene.

2 points: Her middle name starts with a C.

1 point: Her famous twin sisters named a fashion line after her.


Who is the mystery celeb, and how many points did you get? Tell us in the comments!

Copyrights: image taken from posh24

Mystery Celeb 9

Time for a male Mystery Celeb! Can you find the hidden star?

5 points: This star was born in 1979.

4 points: He is an actor well known for his TV and Movie roles.

3 points: He has a great sense of humor and has appeared in The Simpsons and on Saturday Night Live.

2 points: His initials are A.P.

1 point: He is best known for his role in Breaking Bad.


Who is the Mystery Celeb, and how many points did you get? Tell us in the comments!

Pink Suites

Whether they’re girly girls, in love with pretty pastels or fans of Kitsch, there are lots of dolls who simply love the color pink. Let’s take a look at some very different pink Suites!

MissMeryLu2000m‘s pink Suite is modern, with lots of great design details and graphics.

StarStarkenza1‘s Yacht room is packed with yummy pink drinks and details.

Tina1998baby has an ultra-glamorous Barbie bathroom – all in pink, of course.

GoldenCandice has a high end fashion approach, and the platforms look great with this cute pink dress.

VickyVCuchi‘s room is like an Andy Warhol painting – with intense pink and black.

DoceLucia‘s pink room is pretty and airy, with cute animals everywhere!

LiLannelle created this amazing scene with the perfect animal for the theme – flamingos!



Hope you enjoyed these pretty pink Suites!

Sunday Quiz: Spring Trends

It’s a brand new year, and for many of you spring is just around the corner! Take the Sunday Quiz to find out which 2015 spring trend is your perfect match.


1. Spring is all about…

a) New trends, exhibitions and movies.

b) Seeing friends.

c) Spending time outdoors.

2. What’s your perfect spring wardrobe like?

a) Fashion-forward, high end.

b) Versatile, trendy.

c) Comfortable, unique.

3. How would you describe your style?

a) Avant garde

b) Girly

c) One of a kind

4. Do you follow fashion trends?

a) I don’t follow trends, I set them.

b) Definitely.

c) Not at all.

5. Pick a decade!

a) Sometime in the future.

b) 1980s

c) 1970s

6. Do you enjoy the outdoors?

a) No way.

b) Like a park? Sure.

c) Love it!

7. What about shopping?

a) I do my shopping online or in small boutiques.

b) Definitely!

c) No thanks.

8. Now, imagine you have the day off. What would you prefer?

a) To see a new photo exhibition or gallery.

b) To go shopping with friends.

c) Spending time with family.

9. Are you adventurous?

a) With my style? Definitely.

b) I’m not too happy outside my comfort zone.

c) I love new experiences!

10. Finally, pick a hairstyle to go with your spring look!

a) Messy bun.

b) Silky, straight.

c) Natural curls.


Time to add up your scores!

Mostly A: Soothing White. Your perfect spring wardrobe is high end and fashion forward, filled with wonderful whites, flowing fabrics and sheer layers. Take inspiration from fashion icons like Lanvin and Christophe Lemaire to get the look. Perfect Starplaza stores: PPQ, Voile and IT Girls.

Mostly B: Luxe Denim. Kenzo and Chloë both featured amazing designer denim for the season, and the jean trend is staying strong this spring. The classic pair of jeans has been given a high end makeover, and the new denim will work for both day and night. Best Starplaza store: Nelly.

Mostly C: Hippie Couture. Designers like Pucci, Gucci and Dries Van Noten all featured wonderful, colorful prints and flowing fabric in their spring collections. The hippie trend has been given a modern twist and a luxury edge for spring 2015. Perfect Starplaza store: Royalty.


What’s your perfect spring trend? Tell us in the comments!

Mystery Celeb 8

Let’s have another round of Mystery Celeb! Can you uncover the hidden identity?

5 points: This young star shot to fame through a reality TV show.

4 points: In 2009, she appeared on Dancing With the Stars.

3 points: She is a singer-songwriter, actress, TV presenter AND fashion designer.

2 points: Her initials are K.O.

1 point: Her dad is known as the Prince of Darkness.


Who is the mystery celeb, and how many points did you get? Tell us in the comments!

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