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Glam Suites

It’s nearly time for New Year’s Eve, and what better way to get into the spirit than with some glammed-up Suites?

Chynareign‘s fashionable living room is sprinkled with glamorous designer details.

Linda.Michelle‘s VIP corner is fit for a sparkling A-lister.

M.O.C.K.B.A‘s light and airy yacht room is beautifully chic.

stararig‘s symmetrical room has some wonderfully grand features.

…and skovhytten keeps things classy with art and tasteful details.



Are you ready for a glamorous new year?

Quiz: New Year’s Resolutions

Are you still not sure about your new year’s resolutions? Take the quiz to find out what 2015 could hold in store for you!


1. First of all, how will you be celebrating New Year’s Eve?

a) Hosting a party and making sure everyone has had enough to eat and drink.

b) On the couch, watching the countdown on TV.

c) Running from party to party – I have lots of places to be and lots of people to see!

2. Are you an active person?

a) Sure, with my closest friends.

b) Honestly? I’m a bit of a couch potato.

c) I love doing fun stuff with all of my friends.

3. What’s your main strength?

a) I’m really organized and I work hard.

b) I’m fun and relaxed.

c) I’m outgoing and adventurous.

4. What about weaknesses?

a) I am a bit of an over-achiever.

b) My friends call me the lazy one.

c) I can be a bit ditzy or forgetful.

5. Imagine you’ve agreed to meet a friend and they’re 15 minutes late. What do you do?

a) Get a bit annoyed – we had agreed a specific time.

b) I won’t notice since I’m probably running 30 minutes late.

c) That’s ok, I’ll go window shopping or grab a soda.

6. Your friend finally shows up but doesn’t want to do what you had previously planned. What do you think?

a) That’s so annoying, but ok, I guess…

b) Huh? We had something planned…?

c) No problem, I’m easy going.

7. After a long day of school or work – what’s the first thing you do when you get home?

a) Hang my coat and work out what I need to do before dinner.

b) Dump all my stuff in a heap and throw myself on the couch.

c) Leave my things by the door and start texting friends or sending emails.

8. Imagine you’ve got a big deadline coming up, but your friend calls to ask if you want to hang out…

a) Sorry, not until I finish my work and I’m happy with the result.

b) Sure! Now?

c) Let me finish what I’m doing super quickly, and then we can hang out.

9. Speaking of deadlines, are you normally on time?

a) Of course.

b) If by “normally” you mean “never”…sure

c) Yes, unless I get distracted.

10. Finally, imagine you’ve got the day off. What do you do?

a) Do some house work, clean my room, then see some friends.

b) Watch some TV and eat lots of junk food.

c) Go shopping, or maybe swimming, call up some friends, whatever I feel like.


Time to find out… What should your new year’s resolution be?


Mostly A: Pamper Yourself! You’re always on the go, and you work really hard to keep everyone around you happy. Time to take care of yourself and be a little bit selfish for once in your life. Give yourself some time off and have a mini-spa with a bubble bath or treat yourself to a box of chocolates.

Mostly B: Get Active! Let’s be honest – you can be a little bit lazy sometimes. Time to get yourself active with a new hobby, a sport or just getting out of the house and going for a walk. Do something you enjoy, and you’ll end up with much more energy!

Mostly C: Quality Time. You’re very active and sociable, and always on the go. Remember that even a social butterfly can get tired, and that the most valuable relationships need more work. Time to spend some real quality time with your closest friends and family. You could make your parents dinner or have a whole day with your best friend – with nothing to disturb you from catching up and really finding on what’s going on with the people around you.


What’s your new year’s resolution?

Mystery Celeb 6: Christmas Edition

We all know that A-listers can go a little crazy with their Christmas shopping, but can you tell us which Mystery Celeb gave their partner a WATERFALL for Christmas? Check out the hints below, and tell us how many points you can get!


5 points: Our Mystery Celeb is an actress.

4 points: Her partner is also an actor, and they have starred in blockbuster films together.

3 points: This actress is known for her kind spirit and charity work.

2 points: The star and her husband are parents to six children.

1 point: Her initials are A.J.


So who is the generous Mystery Celeb, and how many points did you get? Tell us in the comments!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, dolls! We hope you’re having an amazing Christmas day!

We have some more special greetings from our official dolls, who are getting ready to celebrate.


Callie.Stardoll: Merry Christmas to all you amazing dolls! I hope you’re having the most wonderful, sparkly Christmas day! XOXO, Callie

Maite.Stardoll: ¡Feliz Navidad! Espero que estéis celebrando con todos vuestros seres queridos. Besos, Maite ♥

Julia.Stardoll: Feliz Natal, dollies! Espero que vocês tenham um dia especial cheio de carinho – e presentes, claro! Boas festas! Beijocas da Julia



Merry Christmas and God Jul from all of us here at Stardoll. We love you, dolls!

Seasons Greetings!

Today is Christmas Eve, which means we’re busy eating Christmas dinner, seeing family and opening presents here in Sweden.

Some of our official dolls would like to wish you an extra merry Christmas! Let’s see what they have to say…

 أعياد سعيدة لجميع ستاردوليز الرائعات! نتمنى لكن عيد ميلاد سعيد و سنة مباركة! رغدة.ستاردول


Noemie.Stardoll: Joyeux Noël à vous, les poupées! Bizous, Noèmie

Eda.StardollTüm harika bebeklerin yeni yılı kutlu olsun! Muhteşem ve parıltılı bir yeni yıl geçirmeniz dileğiyle! XOXO, Eda.Stardoll

Danae.Stardoll: Χαρούμενα Χριστούγεννα σε όλες τις υπέροχες κούκλες! Σας στέλνω τις καλύτερες ευχές μου σε σας και τις οικογένειές σας! Με αγάπη, Danae


And from all of us here at Stardoll HQ – GOD JUL!

Christmas Beauty

If you need some beauty inspiration for Christmas, look no further than the Spotlight! There are amazing Christmas looks for all tastes – here are some of our favorites right now.

cobrarea9 looks perfectly festive with a silver bow.

And it wouldn’t be Christmas without santa! b.kinney is hiding under that beard.

ShellKitty16 is keeping things simple with an adorable red bow.

chiclady00 looks so cute in the Rudolph headpiece!

K-Ayamudbgtttt has such a sweet Santa hat.

pattygru looks stunning and ready for Christmas!


Hope you’re feeling inspired, dolls!

Quiz: What’s Your Holiday Character?

Are you jolly like santa or a bit of a scrooge? Find out with this festive Quiz! Click the answers to visit three extra creative stardolls.


1. The best thing about Christmas is…

a) The gift of giving!

b) Spending time with family.

c) When it’s over.

2. Are you a fan of Christmas carols?

a) Definitely, I love the festive spirit!

b) I have been known to sing a few.

c) No. I don’t like Christmas music.

3. What about Christmas shopping?

a) It’s magic!

b) I plan ahead to avoid the rush.

c) Ugh, if I have to.

4. …and egg nog?

a) Yummy!

b) I have the best recipe.

c) Yuck!

5. How do you prepare for the holiday season?

a) Wrapping presents and decorating.

b) Baking and cooking.

c) By trying to avoid it.

6. After Christmas dinner, you can normally be found…

a) Relaxing, breathing heavily. I think I ate too much.

b) Helping to clear the table.

c) Looking at my watch.

7. You get something you don’t really like for Christmas. What do you do?

a) Why wouldn’t I like it? It’s the thought that counts!

b) Say thank you very much anyway.

c) Ask for the  receipt.

8. A perfectly decorated Christmas tree should be…

a) Glimmering, shining, blinking and sparkling!

b) Decorated and smelling of pine.

c) Far away from me.

9. What about the perfect Christmas outfit?

a) A sweater with a festive pattern.

b) Something pretty but comfortable.

c) Nope, not doing it.

10. Finally, have you been good this year?

a) Of course! I always am.

b) I have definitely done my best.

c) Not really. And I’m not sorry.


Time to add up your scores! What’s your Christmas character? 



Mostly A: Santa Claus! You’re festive and full of joy, and you really get into the Christmas spirit. What a treat for those around you!


Mostly B: Mrs Claus. You’re great at making everyone comfortable at Christmas and work hard to make your friends and family happy. Remember to treat yourself as well!



Mostly C: The Grinch. You’re not a fan of Christmas and all you want is for it to be over. Hang in there, it’ll be January before you know it!


Which Christmas character are you? Tell us in the comments!

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