Sunday Quiz: Halloween

Hi dolls! This week, take the quiz to find out what you should go as on Halloween!

1. What’s your favorite kind of movie?

a) Horror

b) Comedy

c) Fantasy

2. What about music?

a) Rock or alternative

b) Pop all the way

c) Electronic

3. How would your friends describe you?

a) The edgy one

b) The girly girl

c) The nerdy one

4. You walk into a room in your perfect Halloween costume. How do you want people to react?

a) I want them to scream in horror!

b) They should tell me how good I look.

c) They should totally get my well-thought out costume.

5. Halloween is just two weeks away. How is your costume coming along?

a) Nearly done!

b) I’ll get around to it.

c) Are you kidding? I’ve been ready for weeks!

6. Where do you normally get your Halloween costumes?

a) A makeup store or party store – anywhere they sell fake blood by the bucket.

b) A costume store, of course!

c) I make it myself!

7. Do you like scary movies?

a) Love ’em. The gorier the better.

b) Not really, I get spooked.

c) Sure, if they have a good storyline.

8. Pick a Halloween game!

a) A quiz all about Halloween.

b) Dance-off to some fun spooky music!

c) Costume contest.


Time to add up your scores!


Mostly A: Scary! You should definitely go as something truly terrifying this Halloween. You don’t mind getting your hands dirty with scary makeup, and a character from a horror movie would be the perfect costume for you!


Mostly B: Cute! Your Halloween costume should be girly and cute, since you’re not a big fan of scary stuff (or unflattering clothes!). Going as a pretty princess or a cute character from an animated movie is perfect for you!


Mostly C: Sci-Fi! You’re probably a movie buff who has been planning your costume for weeks, so you don’t need us to tell you what to wear! Your perfect costume is a detailed copy of one of your favorite movie personalities, like a character from Star Wars, Avatar or X-Men.


What are you going as on Halloween? Tell us in the comments!

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