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Featured Video: Kawaii Halloween Costume

Happy Halloween everyone!

If you are still undecided to what you should dress your doll as, here is a quick look. Instead of giving you another ‘scary’ look, I decided to create this fun, girly look.

I hope you all like it and may you all have a safe and happy Halloween ūüôā

Video Credit: The2glams


Halloween Suites III

Happy Halloween!

At Stardoll HQ, we’re busy getting ready for our Halloween party, and getting¬†lots of amazing inspiration¬†from these extra spooky Suites!

If you want to see more, just click the images to visit these ghoulish dolls!

Sdoreymenano has created an entire village for her eerie Halloween scene!

greenground is truly frightening as a Halloween clown.

LaraLiCoco keeps things classically spooky in this beautiful room.

You wouldn’t want to run in to AnitooWee’s bloodthirsty minion…

Linda_Celeste makes a frighteningly beautiful creature of the sea!

Stella_12_95 has a great StarDesign pose and a very spooky third eye.

Slightly older dolls will recognize this amazing horror icon in DawnRenesMee’s Suite…¬†Do you know who it is?


Happy Halloween!

Halloween Looks: Catwoman and Zombie

Guest blogger: the2glams

Hey guys!

For today’s tutorial I wanted to create two Halloween looks for you all. One for the guys and one for the girls. I wanted to do something a bit more scary looking for these looks, since it is for Halloween and all.

Anyways, I hope you like them and comment below what you thought of the looks. Video Credit: The2glams

Cute and Easy Halloween Costumes!

Newyork80s got in touch to share three cute and easy Halloween looks!

We love this cute Buzzy Bee costume!

The Creepy n Cute Cat costume has the perfect cat ears from Sunny Bunny!

The Creepy Crying Doll costume is cute AND scary!

Which is your favorite?

CLICK HERE to visit newyork80s Suite!

The2glams Youtube Giveaway


The2glams is having a really fun giveaway on her YouTube channel – make sure to check it out!

Halloween Suites II

Time for some more amazing Halloween Suites!

ezmusgita has a Victorian-style freakshow with a two-headed beauty.

green_sheepy’s gorgeous landscape is made entirely from Decor items – amazing!

jocyKyH’s stunning doll seems to have fallen in with a bad crowd…

mokelsa1 seems to have lost something… her eye!

tecki3’s Suite has the wicked witch of Stardoll!


What do you think, dolls? Are you in the mood for a truly frightening Halloween?

Sunday Quiz: Halloween II

Halloween is just around the corner – is your costume ready yet? If not, CLICK HERE¬†to take last week’s Halloween quiz!

In the second Halloween quiz, find out which ghoulish creature you are most like!

1. It’s Halloween and you’re out trick or treating. What’s your signature call?

a) Braaaaaaaaaains….

b) I hiss like a snake!

c) I rattle some chains and make creepy noises.

2. What’s your favorite kind of movie?

a) Horror

b) Drama

c) Comedy

3.  Pick a color!

a) Blood red

b) Anything really dark.

c) Misty white.

4. Your monster alter ego needs to get about. What do you use?

a) My legs.

b) My wings.

c) Teleportation.

5. How would your friends describe you?

a) The funny one.

b) The cute one.

c) The clever one.

6. It’s Halloween and your friends are daring you to go into a haunted house. What do you do?

a) Go in and hide until they come looking for you. Then jump out and scare them!

b) I check out the house for any interesting items or collectables.

c) I go in with my friends and make creepy noises when they’re not looking to freak them out.

7. Pick a character!

a) Bride of Frankenstein

b) Morticia Addams

c) Mystique

8. Can you remember your favorite Halloween costume? What was it like?

a) Covered in buckets of fake blood.

b) Dark and gothic.

c) Eerie and dreamlike.

9. What sort of house would your monster self live in?

a) A cabin in the woods.

b) An isolated manor.

c) A castle.

10. Finally, do you believe in magic?

a) No way.

b) I believe in dark magic.

c) Yes!


Time to add up your scores! And your monster alias is….

Mostly A: ZOMBIE! You’re a brain-munching, living dead zombie! You terrorize your victims by teaming up with fellow zombies and munching your way through entire towns. Step….step….growl…..”braaaaaaainss”….

Mostly B: BAT! You’re a bloodsucking bat with the power to transform into human form to trick your victims. During the day you can be found sleeping in your favorite coffin, and at night you spread your elegant wings to find your prey.¬†‚ÄúThe blood is the life!‚ÄĚ

Mostly C: GHOST! You’re a spooky ghost, rattling chains and haunting houses. You appear out of nowhere to terrify your victims with your eerie presence. Rattle, rattle….booooo!


Which Halloween monster are you, and what would you like to be quizzed on next week? Tell us in the comments!

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