Spotlight On: 12lea34

Hi dolls! This week I’m simply in love with 12lea34’s look, which is both simple and elegant. The silhouette works perfectly, and the cute shades from Barbie complete the outfit. Click the image to try 12lea34’s look on your stardoll!



1 Response to “Spotlight On: 12lea34”

  1. 1 Eau August 18, 2014 at 2:38 pm

    The stardoll pals store is a great idea, the last collection was in 2010. At least it’s different from the usual monotonous limited & tribute item releases.& I think some items should be made available to those who could afford it not just SS because some of us top as non-ss. And why do the SD pal characters have to be celebrities? why can’t they be like characters like you’ve done in the past from film theory etc. Another suggestion would be to allow us to update our basic rooms for a small fee like buying an extension to make them bigger, options to change the walls. floors, wardrobe & doors with colour, wood or wallpapers. This would spice up the game & rooms a little bit instead of the same monotonous stuff that goes on week after week.

    I only mention this here because you don’t include these updates on your blog & that is one of the ways you can get feedback & ideas.


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