Wednesday Horoscope: Pisces

It’s time for the Wednesday Horoscope! This week it’s Pisces – the Fish – Feb 19 – Mar 20

Symbol: The Fish
Element: Water
Group: Theoretical
Color: Seafoam
Lucky Gem: Moon Stone
Pisces is the second zodiac sign in our series, and is also known as the Fish. Pisces are understanding peace-keepers who can get along with most characters. They are intuitive and artistic, and often musically talented. If you are Pisces, you are wise and gentle, and sometimes a little too trusting of others. You hate cruelty, injustice and bullies, and you always want the underdog to win.
This month, treat yourself to a visit to the movies and let your romantic side out for an evening. Keep your eyes peeled for opportunities to be near water, like going swimming or getting a fish pedicure – you deserve it!
Pisces-inspired outfit: Tingeling seaside breeze gown 9SD / Splendid icy makeup (x2) 5SD each / Dorée Bondi blue 6SD / TressUp green ombre yang 20SD / OtherWorld silverlight platforms 8SD

2 Responses to “Wednesday Horoscope: Pisces”

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