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Sunday Quiz: Dream Cities

Time for the Sunday Quiz! This week, find out which city is your perfect match. Don’t forget to leave a comment and tell us what you would like to be quizzed on next week!

 1. Which is your favorite time of the year?

a) Winter

b) Summer

c) Spring

d) Autumn

2. Pick a place to eat!

a) Somewhere hip and edgy.

b) A modern place with a cool interior.

c) A bistro

d) At home with family and friends

3. What kind of movies do you like?

a) Indie films

b) Action movies

c) Romantic Comedies

d) Dramas or documentaries

4. Pick a color combination!

a) Black & White

b) Neon yellow & Grey

c) Pastel pink & baby blue

d) Emerald green & rusty red

5. How would you describe your style?

a) Cool, edgy.

b) Fun, young.

c) Feminine, girly.

d) Classic.

6. What couldn’t you live without?

a) My music collection.

b) My phone.

c) Delicious food.

d) My favorite hangout.

7. Pick a brand!

a) Heatherette

b) Comme des Garçons

c) Chloë

d) Vivienne Westwood

8. Now, pick a favorite Starplaza store!

a) IT Girls

b) Evil Panda

c) Bonjour Bizou

d) Callie’s Picks

9. Which decade would suit you best?

a) The 90s

b) The future!

c) The 50s

d) The 60s

10. Finally, what kind of music do you like?

a) Alternative

b) Pop

c) Acoustic

d) Rock

Time for the results! And your perfect city is….

Mostly A: New York! The city that never sleeps would suit you perfectly! You could go vintage shopping on Elizabeth Street or catch an  off-Broadway show, then head out for a night of fun with friends at the latest hotspot.

Mostly B: Tokyo! The busy streets and rich culture would be your ideal destination! Experience adventure and thrills, quirky style and mind-blowing design in this amazing city! Hang out with the harajuko girls, see the snow-capped tip of mount Fuji and eat the world’s best sushi – all in one day!

Mostly C: Paris! The romantic capital of the world would fit you just right. Take a stroll along the Champs Elysées and marvel at great works of art at the Louvre, or just sit back and enjoy some of the best cuisine in the world.

Mostly D: London! Soak up the atmosphere in Soho or check out the busy shopping streets, jam-packed with amazing stores and fabulous designer brands. Take the evening off and relax with a world class play at the theatre!

Where would you go? And what would you like to be quizzed on next week? Make sure to tell us in the comments!

Wednesday Horoscope: Taurus

This week it’s time for the Taurus horoscope!

Taurus: Apr 20 – May 20

Symbol: The Bull

Element: Earth

Group: Emotional

Color: Pink

Lucky Gem: Emerald

Taurus is an earth sign characterized by being dependable and having both feet firmly planted on  the ground. If you’re a Taurus, your family and friends know they can always rely on you, and often to come to you for help. You are very hard working, and enjoy seeing the results of your efforts. You love good food and comfortable living, and a big priority is having a space of your own which feels like home.

This month, use your hands and get creative! Make something just for yourself, whether that’s a delicious meal or a painting to hang by your bed.

Taurus outfit: Rio golden party sandals 7SD / 2 x Splendid diamonds headpiece 6SD each / Epiphany antique diamond earrings 13SD / Royalty architecture nude long dress 25SD / OtherWorld small beastling 14SD / MsTQ short base hair 8SD / StarDesign hair, 4 pieces 4SD

Featured Designer: maria-0077

It’s time for another collection from the very talented maria-0077! This time, she has been inspired by Young Hollywood, and the collection is packed full of red carpet glamour! We love the silhouettes, and the sophisticated and modern designs. Do you want to show off your design skills? Post a comment with a link and what inspires you!

Spotlight On: _manja_19_

Hi dolls!
This week, it’s time for a late summer casual look! _manja_19_ has put this outfit together, and it is the perfect balance of relaxed and chic! I’d love to wear this going shopping with friends! Make sure to pay _manja_19_ a visit, and click the image to try the outfit on yourself!

Sunday Quiz: Superpowers

This week it’s time to find out what your superpower would be! Are you like the She-Hulk, or maybe Wonderwoman? Take the quiz and discover your hidden abilities!

1. Pick a sidekick!

a) Mystique

b) The Hulk

c) Superman

2. As a superhero, who would be your nemesis?

a) Anyone who stands in my way.

b) An evil supervillain and his troops.

c) A range of shady characters.

3. And who would you be fighting for?

a) Myself

b) The good guys. Most of the time.

c) Innocent people.

4. Pick a soundtrack!

a) Something dark and brooding.

b) Rock n’ roll.

c) Pop.

5. What would your superhero costume look like?

a) Camouflage or all black.

b) Keep it simple, my attitude is what counts.

c) Something to inspire people, with pretty colors.

6. How would you spend a day off?

a) Planning and plotting my next scheme.

b) Running or maybe building something.

c) At home, reading or cooking.

7. What would your superhero symbol be?

a) A black cat or a snake.

b) A lightning bolt or a claw.

c) My first initial or a star.

8. Finally, how would your friends describe you?

a) The intelligent one.

b) The funny one.

c) The nice one.

Time to add up your scores and unleash your inner superpower!

Mostly A: Invisibility! You are independent and clever, and you don’t need to rely on other people to get what you want. You have a mind of your own and don’t tend to change your opinions very often. You would use your invisibility to get what you want, as a rogue superhero with your own agenda, but perhaps you could be convinced to join the good guys?

Invisibility outfit: Bird’s Eye pool 30SD / Bird’s Eye water over body 14SD / Dorée Turqoise 6SD / Splendid blue pop eyelashes 7SD each / Splendid blue eyes eyelashes 13SD

Mostly B: Superstrength! You are fun and energetic, but with a bit of a dark side. You fight your own battles, and are reluctant to accept help, even from close friends and family. As a superhero, you would be the main character in a team of heroes and lead them to victory…if you felt like it.

Strength outfit: PopShop paper weights 9SD / PopShop classic boxing sack 11SD / Rio stacked metal bangles 74SC / Dorée Kylie doree 6SD / Original Future monochrome graphic leotard 13SD / Velvet Orchid steel waterfall arm ornament 10SD / Nelly thrill white boots 14SD

Mostly C: The ability to fly! You are kind and gentle, with a strong sense of wrong and right. You will always fight for the right cause, and protect those who can’t protect themselves. As a superhero, you would fight for the underdogs, and stand against evil at all costs!

Flying outfit: Voile Athena gown 18SD / Other World silver wings 8SD / Voile Athena crystal headband 8SD / TressUp gone with the wind hair 18SD

Which superpower did you get? Don’t forget to tell us in the comments and let us know what you would like to be quizzed on next!

Celebrity to Stardoll: Beyoncé

Guest blogger: blossumbabe



Hi dolls,
A few weeks ago I had a request from an anonymous source to create a Beyoncé outfit, so this week, here she is the superstar we all know and love!
Beyoncé’s sense of fashion is unlike any other celebrity’s and its no secret, she can pull anything off. Today’s outfit is a dressy-casual look that is quite close to the original one worn by the music sensation. The mixed prints work in perfect collaboration with each other and the statement piece necklace ties the whole outfit together. Unfortunately, all the items depicted are worth stardollars. Nonetheless, there are heaps of items in Starplaza you can substitute these for to get this Beyoncé-inspired look.
If you liked this post or have a request for a celebrity outfit you want to see in next week’s Celebrity to Stardoll post let me know in the comments.
You can find me on Stardoll as blossumbabe.


Fairy of the Forest Makeover Video

Guest post: the2glams Hey guys! Last week I showed you a back to school look, now this week I want to show you a fairy look. This can be used for Halloween or whenever you want to dress up as a fairy. I hope you like it and please comment below your thoughts on this new look below! Video credit: the2glams

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