Blog Picks: Pretty n’ Love

If you like vintage, shabby chic, pink and lace, Pretty n’ Love is the place for you! Stardoll’s sweetheart delivers both adorable outfits and cosy decor. It’s also the perfect place for those finishing touches – whether that’s a picture for your wall or a beautifully detailed purse. Here are some of our favorites from the brand!

Heidi print platforms 9SD / floral knee socks 61SC / compact carpet bag 57SC / blue roses skirt 12SD / cropped lace top 9SD / gold love necklace 31SC / floral headband 38SC – All from Pretty n’ Love

Papavero painting 13SD / Pretty fireplace 32SD / PNL monogram bag 15SD / madame princesse 11SD / air balloon lamp 10SD / white daisies bouquet 7SD / hanging ballet shoes 7SD / fashion books 4SD / roses in a vase 7SD / pretty carpet 19SD / hanging heart 3SD / blooming butterflies 5SD / letters on a frame 70SC / pretty bird cage 5SD / pretty in love sign 4SD – All from Pretty n’ Love

Which is your favorite piece?

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