3 Ways to Wear: Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel is the top destination for darkly romantic stardolls, but the store has styles to suit any taste! Here are three great ways to wear the brand, set against the Fallen Angel backdrop (30SD).

Retro. This 50s style tulle dress is perfect for a vintage look, and the satin pumps will work with so many outfits! With a detailed belt, the dress gets even more depth and detail. Orchid tulle dress 24SD / Metal detail belt 20SC / Silver satin pumps 7SD / Rivets purse 6SD – all from Fallen Angel

Rocker Chic. Layering is key to this look, and Fallen Angel has lots of great accessories which you can mix and match. The torn tights add texture and attitude, and the chainlink bracelet works perfectly with the colorful tattoo. Humanoid bag 6SD / Gothic pantyhose 40SC / Studded cross belt 8SD / Buckled stilettos 11SD / Orchid sweater dress 15SD / Orchid silk blazer 16SD / Color arm sleeve tattoo 40SC / Chainlink bracelet 70SC / Phoenix necklace 54SC – all from Fallen Angel.

Romantic. This etherial gown is set to become a Stardoll favorite – so make sure to get yours. The layering and sheerness is lovely, and the chrome shoes add structure to the look. Lace angel gown 25SD / Chrome keyring platforms 7SD / 20s necklace 30SC – all from Fallen Angel.


Which is your Fallen Angel favorite?

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