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Stardoll Fashion: Ariana Grande

Guest blogger: The2glams

Hey guys!

I want to show you a fashion related video this time. I created a couple of outfits which were inspired by Ariana’s style.

I know there are a lot of fans out there that want to get her look on Stardoll, so I made this video for you all.

I hope you enjoy!

Video credit: The2glams

Get the Trend: Sporty Chic

Sporty chic is a hot trend this summer, and what could be better than combining comfort with designer style? The sweatshirt is right on trend, and we love this one from Cheap Monday! Pair with a casual pair of trousers and add some designer luxury to get the look.

LE Specs Miss Armstrong 20SD / Fendi Tribute peach silk scarf 30SD / Original Future La Jolla jeans 16SD / Cheap Monday Terumi sweat 20SD / Fendi Tribute checkerboard tote 42SD / Original Future OF sporty sandals 10SD / Fudge Boys frozen cap 20SC

Will you be rocking the sporty chic look this season?

Celebrity to Stardoll Issue 20

Guest blogger: Blossumbabe


Hey dolls,
Last week I got a lot of requests from you guys saying you wanted to see a particular celebrity in this week’s post. So, here by popular demand – Iggy Azalea! We all know how fabulous and ‘fancy’ Iggy is, but her style is so unique that its quite difficult to encapsulate. However, after some avid research and a conveniently coincidental new release from Riviera, I found the three perfect looks for any doll on any budget this summer! But remember, this is just a starting point for an outfit; there are loads of items available in Starplaza for you to choose from, so don’t limit your style 🙂
Let me know what you think of the items and outfits from the graphic and if you have a celebrity outfit you want to see in an upcoming post, leave me a comment below.
See you all next week

Spotlight On: Claudentia

Hi dolls!
Today we’re checking in with Claundentia, whose sleek, sparkling look really made an impression. I love the use of layering to bring out even more glitter and detail, and her carefully selected accessories. Wouldn’t you just love to go dancing in this outfit? Make sure to pay Claudentia a visit, and click the image to try this cute look on yourself.

Sunday Quiz: Which Sweet Treat are You?

Are you a chocoholic, or do you prefer munching on a slice of fruit? Whether you’re sugar crazed like the cookie monster or prefer a bite now and then, it’s time to find out which sweet treat you are!

1. Which colors do you prefer?

a) Pretty pastels

b) Classic combinations

c) Patterns and bright colors

2. Pick a profession!

a) Pastry chef or interior designer

b) Writer or architect

c) Travel journalist or athlete

3. How would you describe your sense of fashion?

a) Pretty, girly

b) Classy, feminine

c) Mixed, colorful

4. You want a snack, so you reach for…

a) A pretty napkin and plate

b) The fridge

c) A knife and cutting board

5. Pick a dress style!

a) Floral print, knee length

b) Little black designer dress

c) Flowing, printed maxi

6. Where would you choose to relax?

a) My garden

b) A chic restaurant

c) A sandy beach

7. Finally, what couldn’t you live without?

a) Delicious food & sweets

b) My wardrobe & shoes

c) Adventure & fun

Now, put those snacks away, it’s to add up your scores!

Mostly A: You are macarons! You are sweet and delicate. Your style is often girly, with pretty dresses and romantic influences. You enjoy spending time with your closest friends and family, but you enjoy your own company too, reading or maybe making things. You are patient and kind, and a great friend to those who get to know the real you.

Mostly B: You are chocolate! You are the classic sweet treat, and come in many varieties. You are classy and fashion conscious, and a great source for style tips! Your friends know you as the stylish one, and they can always rely on you for care and support.

Mostly C: You are an exotic fruit punch! You are a colorful character, always looking for fun. Your style is eclectic and fun, and you can always be relied on to bring a group together. You are a social butterfly who can talk to anyone, as long as you are not too busy hunting down your next adventure.


Which sweet treat are you, and what would you like to be quizzed on next? Make sure to tell us in the comments!

Fashion from Maria-0077

We love hearing from maria-0077, and are happy to share her latest collection, inspired by Zuhair Murad. The mix of colors and all the embellishments are perfect for a summer party outfit! Keep up the great work!

Blog Picks: Pretty n’ Love

If you like vintage, shabby chic, pink and lace, Pretty n’ Love is the place for you! Stardoll’s sweetheart delivers both adorable outfits and cosy decor. It’s also the perfect place for those finishing touches – whether that’s a picture for your wall or a beautifully detailed purse. Here are some of our favorites from the brand!

Heidi print platforms 9SD / floral knee socks 61SC / compact carpet bag 57SC / blue roses skirt 12SD / cropped lace top 9SD / gold love necklace 31SC / floral headband 38SC – All from Pretty n’ Love

Papavero painting 13SD / Pretty fireplace 32SD / PNL monogram bag 15SD / madame princesse 11SD / air balloon lamp 10SD / white daisies bouquet 7SD / hanging ballet shoes 7SD / fashion books 4SD / roses in a vase 7SD / pretty carpet 19SD / hanging heart 3SD / blooming butterflies 5SD / letters on a frame 70SC / pretty bird cage 5SD / pretty in love sign 4SD – All from Pretty n’ Love

Which is your favorite piece?

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