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Spotlight On: zipzipy

Hi dolls!
It’s Monday, which means it’s time for another of my favorite outfits from one of YOU!
I just love zipzipy’s cute casual look! It is really chic, but would you believe me if I said it’s ALL Starcoin items?
For just 279 Starcoins, you can have this great look, including two pairs of fake eyelashes! Click HERE to try it on your stardoll and get the outfit for yourself!
What a thrifty queen – well done, zipzipy!
Have a great week, dolls!

Sunday Quiz: Which Type of Shoe are You?


It’s time for the Sunday quiz! This week we’re finding out which type of shoe best represents you. Let’s find out!

1. You’re at a concert. What is your favorite spot in the venue?

a. On a bar stool, chatting to my friends.

b. Right next to the speakers.

c. Hanging out and dancing in the crowd.

2. Pick a favorite designer!

a. Christian Louboutin

b. Vivienne Westwood

c. Calvin Klein

3. Do you build your outfit around your shoes?

a. Always!

b. Never

c. Sometimes.

4. How often do you go shoe shopping?

a. All the time!

b. When my shoes break.

c. When I see something I really like.

5. You have some money to spend. What do you choose?

a. More shoes!

b. Music, maybe concert tickets.

c. Dinner with friends.

6. What is your style?

a. Trendy. Girly.

b. Individual. Unique.

c. Casual. Relaxed.

Time to tally up your scores and find out which type of shoe you are!

Mostly As: Killer heels. You are a fashionista who often choses fashion over comfort. You love to party and go shopping with your friends. You know all the latest trends, and how to rock them. You have an impressive collection of shoes for every occasion, which means packing light is never an option!

Nelly Carly Ellwood shoes 13SD

Mostly Bs: Boots. You have an original sense of style and believe that expressing yourself is more important than trends. You rock your look with attitude, and stay true to your style even when fashion changes. You love music and you are a bit of a rebel at heart.

Callie’s Picks black combat boots 11SD

Mostly Cs: Sandals. Your style is chic but relaxed. You choose your clothes with care for each occasion, so that you are never over- or under-dressed. Your wardrobe is classic with a trendy twist, and varies depending on the season.

Riviera Leopard stud gladiators 7SD

Which shoe are you? What would you like to be quizzed on next? Tell us in the comments, and have an amazing end to the weekend!

Featured Stardoll: DTMeow

Today we’re visiting DTMeow, whose Suite is filled with animals, plants and great design! This guy obviously has green thumbs, and we love how his interest in art and design shows in each room.

Our favorite spot would be right here, cuddling this kitten and sipping some lemonade!

Thanks, DTMeow, we loved having a look around your unique Suite!

Get the Look: Olivia Palermo

We just love Olivia Palermo in this outfit seen at New York Fashion Week!

Photo: posh24

Here’s how to get this NY chic look for your stardoll!

The booties from Nelly are great for running between appointments and fashion shows, and this oversized coat hangs beautifully. Best of all, the new Fendi Tribute has so many amazing accessories, like this Monster tote – which will add a touch of exclusive designer fashion to any outfit.

Nelly gold zip bootie 9SD/ Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren boyfriend shirt 20SD / Fendi Tribute Peekaboo monster tote 58SD / Miss Sixty Red lips coat 23SD / Fallen Angel black pantyhose 30SC / Bonjour Bizou camo sequined skirt 50SC / Tress Up Nina hair 15SD

What do you think about the look? Whose look would you like to get? Tell us in the comments!

Featured Video: CountessDeAmour

This doll has outstanding personality which is represented in each one of her rooms. She plays with perspective and has a refined modern style. The world of this interesting mind is something you don’t want to miss. 

Staff Picks: Furry Friends

If you are an animal lover, Furry Friends is the shop for you! You can find adorable pets to live in your Suite or to run around in your sunny garden, and they won’t get fur on your clothes or make on the carpet! Here are some of our favorite cuties from the store.

Miss Spring (8SD), with pretty flowers on her tiny head, is the perfect puppy for cuddling on the lawn.

Hug Me (10SD) are the best kitten friends! Balu (10SD) just loves playing, so he can have a game of tag with these pretty butterflies (80SC)

After all that playing around, no wonder they’re sleepy! Puppy I am too tired (11SD) and kitten Sleeping Beauty (7SD) take a nap next to each other after a long day.

Which is your favorite furry friend?

Video Makeup Tutorial: Sephora Edition

Guest post; The2glams Hey guys I just had to make a video using Sephora makeup. I love makeup and when I heard the Sephora is coming back to Stardoll, I was so excited. I actually do shop at Sephora, not much, but I do. Anyways, I want to show you this simple and easy look I did using the Sephora makeup products. I hope you enjoy!  Credit Video: The2glams

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