Inside Stardoll: Behind the Scenes!

Today we’re going behind the scenes at Stardoll HQ to find out more about what makes the site so great and how it all works! Let’s check up on one of our clever tech guys and see what he’s up to!

This tech savvy Swede is known to friends and family as “bear” and makes the site prettier, faster and better. His job title is Tech Lead Frontend. But what does that mean? Let’s quiz him!

Stardoll Blogger: So tell us, what’s your job?

TLF: Making sure the frontend team can perform their job in the most efficient manner.

SB: Sounds tricky! What’s your favorite thing about working at Stardoll?

TLF: My coworkers.
SB: And how do you help make Stardoll even more fun?
TLF: By introducing features that make things prettier, faster and better.
SB: Any favorite store in the Starplaza?
SB: What’s your favorite feature on the site?
TLF: I like the ones which already work great, so that we can spend time setting up new stuff.
Agreed – and thank you for helping to make the site work so well! Thank you, bear, for your time and thank YOU for reading! Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for more inside scoop coming soon. What are you curious about? Tell us in the comments!

1 Response to “Inside Stardoll: Behind the Scenes!”

  1. 1 larissy May 30, 2014 at 8:21 pm

    façan o boneco do alfonso herrera
    na seçao de bonecos


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