PPQ Picks

PPQ is one of the amazing real life brands in the Starplaza, and the new collection has just hit the shop. Here are some of our favorite items from the spring/summer collection! The PPQ Gold Foil Tee (15SD) is perfect for a casual look. Pair with jeans and killer heels for some everyday glamour. The Gabriel Bouquet Bag (16SD) is overflowing with beautiful summer flowers in key colors from the new collection and has bags of great details (excuse the pun)! The Pollen Halter Gown (25SD) has a wonderful mix of structured and flowing fabric and will have you looking stunningly high fashion at any summer party! The Mascotte Black Heels (12SD) are a great classic with a twist, and we love the gold-tipped straps! The Floral PPQ Headpiece (10SD) is a wonderfully quirky accessory which will work great for a night out or for a vintage-style day look. The collection even has a gorgeous piece of decor; the PPQ Atropa Belladonna Plant (5SD) which will add flair to any room. Keep it as it is with its shiny, minimalistic pot, or layer it behind a vase to bring out feature colors in your Suite.

Which PPQ piece is your favorite?

2 Responses to “PPQ Picks”

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