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The hunt for the BFF’s!

Apparently there are some dolls imprisoned somewhere in the Stardoll office. These 2 dolls are desperate to find their friends. Help them with their extensive search and let us know what you think their next move should be. One of your comments will be posted in the speech bubbles in the next step of their quest! This will also give you a chance to get inside Stardoll…


Inspiring Stardoll Kitchens on Facebook

Hi all!
Yesterday we posted some images of these truly inspiring Stardoll Kitchens on Facebook. The response was amazing! So today it’s time to celebrate these Dolls! So go and check them out. We love you!


Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 9.22.49 AM

What’s goin’ on?

Now, I’m not sure about you guys, but I’m seriously confused. I’m in 2 places at once. I must be a superhero or can I clone myself? Have I found my long lost twin? Oh, now I know. Supernatural powers right?

Something must be up – but what…


Get up close and personal with Stardoll!

We want to start by saying hi and give a big thank you to all the fantastic dolls out there. Stardoll would be nothing without its amazing fans! Stardoll has been on an incredible journey for the last 7 years and we’ve almost reached 250 million registered players. It’s pretty unbelievable! We are so grateful for all the feedback we get from all the dolls and it’s you who make this all possible.

In the future, you’ll be seeing a lot more personal content from us. Not just articles like this but we will be posting your stuff! Anything from your designs, to a fabulous doll we find or a totally outrageous suite. There are so many of you that deserve to be seen!

There will also be exclusive sneak peeks for upcoming products and releases so stay tuned…

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Peace out xoxo

Get up close and personal with Stardoll!

Word Dazzle – mini fridge

Fancy a snack? A new puzzle pack is out. Finish Food & Beverages and get this super cute mini fridge!

Fancy a snack? A new puzzle pack is out. Finish Food & Beverages and get this super cute mini fridge!

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