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New Sceneries

Sceneries: new and improved! Now go bigger – and better – with your creativity with the new sceneries.

Now sceneries have a bigger canvas space, and now you can use all new themes and backgrounds, including a seasonal postcard just in time for the festive holiday season.

To create a brand new scenery, click here!

The Suite Shop Catalog is here!

To find or not to… Well, with the new Suite Shop catalog, you’ll always find exactly what you’re looking for!

We’ve upgraded the search so that now you can more easily find the right decor piece for your Suite. You can search by color and brand, then specify your search even further by Starcoins, Starpoint items and even animated items!

You can view the new Suite Shop search here. What do you think about this big improvement? And are you ready to see in Starplaza as well?

Are you using a Windows 8 touchscreen device?

Last Friday Windows 8 (the newest version of the operating system Windows) was released. If you have a touchscreen device that supports Windows 8, you can now use with touch functionality! Be sure to use the touch-optimized Internet Explorer 10 App that comes with Windows 8. If you use the desktop version of IE 10 in Windows 8, will work as it normally does.

Please let us know how you experience the touch-version in our comments section of this post. We’d love to hear from you!

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