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Where’s the chat? Where are my messages?

Wondering where your Chat and Messages ribbon (on the top of your screen) went? Stardoll has made some improvements which will also make it more fun and easier for you to access the social features on the site!
What we’ve done:

– We’ve moved the Chat and Messages ribbon to the bottom of the page. You’ll see it on the bottom of your screen when you log in!

– The Chat is new and improved! It will be easier to convo with your Stardoll friends.

–  If you want to change your language or visit the Help section, you’ll now find the icons underneath your profile card (where your avatar image is).

Just log into your Stardoll account to view these new and improved changes to your account.

Meet Miss Stardoll World 2012

After almost two months of campaigning and some awe inspiring Suites and designs, Miss Stardoll World once again draws to an end. However, we will be back next year. Till then, visit the campaign page and check out some of the wonderful dollies who contributed to another memorable event. Thank you all!

Say Hello to the Jury!

With only days to go until the winner of Miss Stardoll World 2012 is revealed, the familiar faces of Stardoll have come together to become one. The task at hand? To sift through the supremely talented finalists and share their thoughts on their personal favorites. Who is your favorite to win? Visit the campaign page to check out the finalists and vote for your favorite today!

Meet the Finalists!

We’re now down to the final 40! A hearty congrats to the exceptional dollies. So go check them out and be sure to place your vote for your favorite to be the next Miss Stardoll World. Head to the campaign page!

200 Million Members!

Stardoll reached an important milestone – 200 Million Members!

We’re so excited to have so many members on Stardoll that we’re celebrating by giving away eight very special gifts, 100 Starcoins, and even 100 temporary Stardollars! Once we hit the 200 million number today, members have 24 hours to click the button on the 200 Million Member page and get all of these gifts and start the timer to spend, spend, spend the Stardollars.

Thanks to all of our very special Stardoll members for helping us get to this very special mark. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Visit our 200 Million member page here for more information!

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