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Explaining Stardollars Unlocked

Hello Dollies!

Wow, we’re happy to hear how many members love the new changes! Reading the comments in the previous post we saw some questions about Stardollars Unlocked.  Basically, we wanted to make Stardoll more accessible for everyone!  But if you need more clarification, read on…

You don’t need to be a Superstar to do any of the following:

• Buy Stardollars!
• Earn Stardollars with special offers!
• Buy and wear Make-Up!
• Shop for any items in Starplaza, Starbazaar and Suite Shop!
• Publish Starmovies

Superstars will keep access to exclusive membership features and from now you also can:

• Sell your items in Starbazaar to more people!
• Exchange Starcoins to Stardollars whenever you want!
• Enjoy more exclusive Sales!
• Take part on top up promos
• Buy Stardollars with promotional rates packages
• Earn up to 50 Starcoins per day!
• Unlock more rooms than before!

Stardollars Unlocked

You’ve just been given the key to unlock a world of posh possibilities!  New today: Stardollars are available to everyone on Stardoll.
Do you have some Stardollars already burning a hole in your purse? Your Stardollars are now available to spend your Stardollars in Starplaza, StarBazaar and Suite Shop!
The Superstar membership means more fun, where as a Superstar, you have access to exclusive membership features, special sales, activities and promotional packages for Stardollars.
In need of a little-pick-me-up in your purse?  Visit the Stardoll payment page to find out how you can purchase your Stardollars!

Introducing… Stardoll By Barbie (United States only)


Note: If you’re located in the United States, click the image for more!

Cut It App for Android!

Now available for AndroidCut It, Stardoll’s most popular app!  Now you, too, can snip through all the levels to unlock exclusive Cut It prizes and send them to your Stardoll Suite!

Cut It features:
– 50 sweet levels of gaming goodness
– 20 exclusive Sunny Bunny accessories for you to unlock
– 10 collectible fashion patches
– 10 Stardoll backgrounds to uncover
– Multiple control methods: tap, swipe or tilt
– Send unlocked Sunny Bunny items to your Stardoll account via Stardoll Connect
Collect Cut It coins and upgrade your power-ups
– Kawaii style cute graphics

So, if you own an Android – what are you waiting for?  Click here to Cut It, Play It and Love It!

Brand new on Stardoll: StarDesign Jewelry!

The newest feature on Stardoll is StarDesign Jewelry – where you can now create your own jewelry to perfectly coordinate with any outfit!

In your own personal jewelry design studio, you can choose the type of item to design (earrings, necklaces and glasses) and the material and color to start with – then accent the accessory with a variety of charms!

When you’ve finished your ornamented masterpiece, you can choose to purchase the design and it will appear in your Beauty Parlor.

Try it out today!

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