Last chance to vote for Miss Stardoll World 2011!

It is the concluding week of the 2011 Miss Stardoll World contest and we are down to the final 34 contestants! Voting ends in a few short days with the grand finale winner presented on Friday Oct 14. Here’s your chance to meet the finalists and decide who you think should become Miss Stardoll World 2011.

Representing: Germany
Has won: Miss Stardoll Germany, National Covergirl (Germany) x4
Suite:  | Vote:

Representing: Argentina
Has won: Miss Stardoll Argentina, National Covergirl (Argentina) x7
Suite:  | Vote:

Representing: Sweden
Has won: Miss Stardoll Sweden, National Covergirl (Sweden) x9
Suite: | Vote:

Representing: Russia
Has won: Miss Stardoll Russia, National Covergirl (Russia) x10
Suite: | Vote:

Representing: Venezuela
Has won: National Covergirl (Venezuela) x5
Suite: | Vote:

Representing: India
Has won: Miss Stardoll India, National Covergirl (India) x4
Suite: | Vote:

Representing: Denmark
Has won: Miss Stardoll Denmark, National Covergirl (Denmark) x7
Suite:  | Vote:

Representing: Saudi Arabia
Has won: Miss Stardoll Saudi Arabia, National Covergirl (Saudi Arabia) x10
Suite:  | Vote:

Representing: Romania
Has won: Miss Stardoll Romania, National Covergirl (Romania) x2
Suite:  | Vote:

Representing: Ireland
Has won: Miss Stardoll Ireland, National Covergirl (Ireland) x1
Suite: | Vote:

Representing: Greece
Has won: Miss Stardoll Greece, National Covergirl (Greece) x7
Suite: | Vote:

Representing: South Africa
Has won: National Covergirl (South Africa) x7
Suite: | Vote:

Representing: France
Has won: Miss Stardoll France, National Covergirl (France) x3
Suite: | Vote:

Representing: Canada
Has won: Miss Stardoll Canada, National Covergirl (Canada) x6
Suite:  | Vote:

Representing: Finland
Has won: Miss Stardoll Finland, National Covergirl (Finland) x3
Suite: | Vote:

Representing: United States
Has won: Miss Stardoll USA, National Covergirl (USA) x7
Suite: | Vote:

Representing: Chile
Has won: National Covergirl (Chile) x5
Suite:  | Vote: 

Representing: Portugal
Has won: Miss Stardoll Portugal, National Covergirl (Portugal) x3
Suite:  | Vote:

Representing: New Zealand
Has won: Miss Stardoll New Zealand, National Covergirl (New Zealand) x8
Suite: Vote:

Representing: Belgium
Has won: Miss Stardoll Belgium, National Covergirl (Belgium) x4
Suite: Vote:

Representing: Poland
Has won: Miss Stardoll Poland, National Covergirl (Poland) x1
Suite: Vote:

Representing: Peru
Has won: Miss Stardoll Peru, National Covergirl (Peru) x8
Suite:  Vote:

Representing: Egypt
Has won: Miss Stardoll Egypt, National Covergirl (Egypt) x8
Suite: Vote:

Representing: Austria
Has won: Miss Stardoll Austria, National Covergirl (Austria) x7
Suite: Vote:

Representing: Turkey
Has won: Miss Stardoll Turkey, National Covergirl (Turkey) x7
Suite: Vote:

Representing: Mexico
Has won: National Covergirl (Mexico) x3
Suite: Vote:

Representing: Bulgaria
Has won: National Covergirl (Bulgaria) x4
Suite: Vote:

Representing: Croatia
Has won: Miss Stardoll Croatia, National Covergirl (Croatia) x5
Suite: Vote:

Representing: United Kingdom
Has won: Miss Stardoll UK, National Covergirl (UK) x3
Suite: Vote:

Representing: Brazil
Has won: Miss Stardoll Brazil, National Covergirl (Brazil) x4
Suite: Vote:

Representing: Australia
Has won: National Covergirl (Australia) x3
Suite: Vote:

Representing: Netherlands
Has won: Miss Stardoll Netherlands, National Covergirl (Netherlands) x4
Suite: Vote:

Representing: Italy
Has won: Miss Stardoll Italy, National Covergirl (Italy) x2, Photo Winner x3
Suite: Vote:

Representing: Spain
Has won: National Covergirl (Spain) 
Suite: Vote:

Best of luck to the contestants and happy voting to you all! 

12 Responses to “Last chance to vote for Miss Stardoll World 2011!”

  1. 1 Ana Iris Bautista Francisco October 10, 2011 at 3:04 pm

    wwaaaaooooooo lo maximo
    miss stardoll worl


  2. 2 Foreversecret / Karina October 10, 2011 at 4:15 pm

    They all have such beautiful suites.


  3. 3 hgjkyu October 10, 2011 at 5:01 pm

    hoyfujivh-syerbnytzvnre ytvnuè’rznv rebzvtfhy ta laveynvgr


  4. 5 ronnabrave October 11, 2011 at 12:56 am

    i hope i don’t sound mean cuz i don’t want to make u mad. ok sorry.


  5. 6 zouzou_10 October 11, 2011 at 5:06 pm

    Guys do me a favour…this week I need more help to be for first time national covergirl or covergirl plese vote me!!!my name at stardoll is zouzou_10


  6. 7 Alyson October 13, 2011 at 7:27 pm

    Everscince, I lost to a hacker, I haven’t voted for anyone. I keep forgetting anyway. But this girl “Crystalsjoy” has 3 or more characters in the final. She’s a hacker who is able to make accounts with as many Starpoints as she likes and have multiple accounts VOTE for her. I mean, just listen to the name, if that doesn’t scream hacker? I don’t know what else does? Igm she’s happy alright! Why else do you think she has such a horrible suite yet, she’s standing here amongst some really talented people? People don’t and didn’t vote for her. Bots voted for her! She’s a hacker! The generic type of suites don’t usually win these types of competitions but here is Crystalsjoy standing here as if she’s anything but retarded. Stardoll wouldn’t bother to see where all these votes came from either, they are lazy and really don’t care if there are hackers running rampant in Stardoll. They celebrate the amount of millions that are members but fail to see that half of them are created by hackers and their bots! Bots are script generated. A script can do almost anything as long as their is a talented hacker sitting behind close doors. A script can hack Stardoll, and make it so you are in control of your own Starpoints! A script can also make multiple accounts and have them ALL VOTE for you! So, if you see a really disgustingly horrible, doll or suite in this contest, and you were wondering how in the hell did they get here? YOU KNOW WHY! You were warned.


  7. 8 Alyson October 13, 2011 at 7:32 pm

    I cannot believe a hacker beat me in this comp. When I went to her suite it was comedic as her suite screamed 12 year old! And my suite screams professional. I have a feeling that karma will come for her and she will get what she truly deserves.


  8. 9 hidz7896 October 14, 2011 at 11:29 am

    A huge congrats to turkey who won again.


  9. 10 alexia October 28, 2011 at 4:07 am

    yay MSW jealous but happy lol go msw im going for semi finalist for america!!!! Vote me cg im appledivagirl!!!!!1


  10. 11 emily100nice December 1, 2011 at 9:02 am

    please vote for me a am new here i want to be miss stardoll world because i dont have anything in my suit and i am sad about that .


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