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The Grand Finale: Who will win MSW 2011?

It’s here!  The MSW Grand Finale – it’s time to vote for the winner!

After several weeks, we’re finally down to 34 finalists.  And of those 34 lovely Dollies, you’re voting for the winner!

This time around, you’ll have one vote per day.  And you can vote for anyone in any country!

The Grand Prize Winner will be announced on Friday, October 14th.

Good luck to all of our wonderful finalists!

Style by Room: Available Now!

Now it’s easier to be ready for the Beach Villa in your bikini, and wear your party dress in the Penthouse – thanks to Style by Room!

It works like this:

You’ll be in your top stylethis style is the main style, and is the style that you’ll always have in your main suite room and (unless you change to room style) in all the other rooms in your Suite.

BUT in all the other rooms – not the main Suite room – you’ll have the option to change your style to a room style!  Just open the tab on the left side of your Suite room, and you’ll find all the items in your Wardrobe and Accessories Shelf available so that you can change to room style.

Dress your MeDoll and press save.  Voila!  Room style!

If you don’t like the room style you’ve created, you can change it back to the top style by using the button in the same left side tab.

If you really like your room style, you can turn it into your top style!  That button is also located in the left side tab in your Suite room.

Things to remember:

* Your main Suite room will always have your top style – you won’t find the left side tab in this room, and you won’t be able to create a room style.

* In order to create a room style, you’ll need to have items placed in your Wardrobe and Accessories Shelf.  Items sitting in your Storage will not appear in your room style choices.  So make sure you move those items to your Wardrobe and Shelf!

Happy Stardolling!

MSW Final Round Starts Friday!

MSW isn’t overyet!  So get ready!

Last Friday, we added more members to the contest: the Continental Queens! The 20 top-voted Stardoll members, each from Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe, all became the new group of Semi-Finalists in the MSW 2011 competition.

And now this Friday, we’ll announce highest voted Semi-Finalists, who will become Finalists and who will be in the running to become MSW 2011!

Are you excited?

Sneak Peek: Coming Soon… Style By Room!

 Style by Room, coming next week to Stardoll

You will soon be able to choose between the top style (which will always be available in your main room) or room style!  All the clothing and accessories saved in your Wardrobe and Shelf can be used for the room style.  Always check out the tab on the left hand side of the room to see what you can use!


Rio Chicas’ Holiday collection with JCPenney (US Only)

Leaves are beginning to fall and the school semester is in full swing—what better time is there to update your wardrobe with the most dazzling autumn essentials? Get ready to clear some space in your closet, because Stardoll’s own Rio Chicas releases a brand-new Holiday collection with JCPenney today! 

In picture-perfect Miami fashion, the Rio Chicas Holiday collection has all the style staples you need to freshen up your look for the new season. Don’t miss the most gorgeous tops, jeans and more with sequin embellishments and glitter that make you shine like the star that you are!

Rico Chicas Holiday Collection

Stardoll in SEVEN New Languages!

We’re growing by leaps and bounds, by members and languages!  Stardoll is becoming more global, and now we’ve added seven new languages to our site.  Having more than 125 million members means we needed to bump the number of languages to 28 total, just so that we could communicate cool stuff to more members!

In addition to our current languages, you can view Stardoll in:


These languages are currently available in the Beta version of our site, and, at present, any customer service questions should be sent in English.

Also, we ask that if you see anything that can be improved in these languages, please send us a note – in English – to  Your feedback is welcome!

Come have a stylish time with us!

Look! Stardoll Books in the UK!

Stardoll Books - Now available in the UK!

We’ve just launched a range of awesome Stardoll Books in the UK, published by Random House.

Stardoll’s Official Handbook is every girl’s must-own guide to fame, fashion and friends. Find out everything you need to know about the Stardoll World inside the pages of this gorgeous guide. Comes with an exclusive Stardoll gift inside every copy!

Stardoll’s Top Trends is your guide to what’s hot in the world of fashion this Autumn/Winter. Get inspiration from your favourite celebrities and catwalk stars to make sure you’re always on top of the latest trends. Comes with an exclusive Stardoll gift inside every copy!

Stardoll’s My Style Diary will help you stay stylish all year round. Bursting with fashion, beauty, decor and fashion tips, this delicious diary will prepare you for every party, event and celebration. Every copy comes with an exclusive Stardoll gift for you to collect!

Stardoll’s Fashion Factor is a super-cute sticker book packed with catwalk challenges, party puzzles and stylish games. It’s the most fun and fashionable accessory for Stardolls everywhere. Comes with an exclusive Stardoll gift inside every copy!

Stardoll’s Superstar Stylist is your guide to recreating the fabulous styles that Stardolls love, simply by using high street stores! This book is packed with fashion, beauty and hair tips bringing the looks you love to life! Comes with an exclusive Stardoll gift inside every copy!

These five amazing books are now available throughout the UK at  WH Smith, Waterstones, ASDA, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and some Independent bookshops.

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