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Miss Stardoll World 2011 has begun!

It’s finally here!

You’ve all waited so patiently for this moment, all the while primping your MeDoll and polishing your suite.  And it all pays off, because today voting starts for the Miss Stardoll World 2011 competition!

You can view the campaign page here or you can visit the MSW Facebook page.

Beauty Parlor in Full Screen!

The Beauty Parlor is all about details: the well defined line of the eyeliner, the refined curve of eye shadow, having the perfect amount of lip gloss on the lips.  It’s a precise science!

Get down to the very smallest of brush strokes with an awesome new Stardoll featureUse the Full Screen button in the bottom right hand corner of your Beauty Parlor to get a close-up look at your MeDoll’s face.  Make all the small details count by making your MeDoll appear larger on your screen.

Try it today!

Stardoll teams with Toys R Us for exclusive offer in the US.


At Toys R Us locations across the United States you can now get $2 off Stardoll Pre-Paid Cards – for a limited time only. And when you redeem your card back on Stardoll we will give you an extra 500 Starcoins, plus an exclusive outfit made by our amazing L.E designer. Sounds like a pretty good reason to take a trip to Toys R Us!

Offer available until Aug 27.

Toys R Us Store Locator





Can you CUT IT?

A new, exciting fashion game from Stardoll has arrived for iPhone and iPod – and it’s a cut above the rest, that’s why we’ve called it CUT IT.

Use your pair of scissors to  swipe and reveal yummy Stardoll backgrounds while avoiding super cute enemies. Collect fashion goodies, exclusive Sunny Bunny accessories, fun power-ups and more along the way!

Cut It features:
– 50 sweet levels of gaming goodness
– 20 exclusive Sunny Bunny accessories for you to unlock
– 10 collectible fashion patches
– 10 Stardoll backgrounds to uncover
– Multiple control methods: tap, swipe or tilt
– Send unlocked Sunny Bunny items to your Stardoll account via Stardoll Connect
– Collect Cut It coins and upgrade your power-ups
– Kawaii style cute graphics

Can you complete the game with all your stars intact?

Can you Cut It…? YES YOU CAN!  

>> Download Cut It

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