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Penthouse Suite – Revitalized and Refreshed

The best view on Stardoll just got better! We’ve revitalized and refreshed our Penthouse Suite with 3 brand new Penthouse backgrounds, New York, Paris and Istanbul.  The height of luxury is now even more luxurious, courtesy of new Penthouse interior items and brand new realistic effects, reflecting day, night, rain or shine!

Penthouse Suites are available from the Suite Shop on Stardoll at an introductory price of 199 Stardollars until the end of June. After that they will retail at the regular price of 249 Stardollars.

Already a Penthouse resident? All previous Penthouses have been revitalized and refreshed, at no extra cost!

Life the high life on Stardoll with Penthouse Suite 

Express Your Creativity with New Suite Rooms!

Time to renovate and rejuvenate your Suite!

Now available – brand new rooms for your Suite – 10 total!  Rooms are available for purchase in your Suite, where you can purchase two at a time, starting with the bottom two.

Just click here for the chance to decorate new rooms, or log into your account and click on My Suite!

Your StarDesigns for Stardollars OR Starcoins!

New feature today: Custom items can be sold for Stardollars OR Starcoins!

Now, when selling StarDesign items in StarBazaar, Superstars can choose to sell the item for either of the two currencies.  The option to choose between Stardollars and Starcoins will appear when you click on the custom item you’d like to sell.

Click here to sell your customized design in StarBazaar, or go to StarDesign to start creating!

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