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New Feature: Full Screen Suite

Full Screen Preview

Ever wish you could see every detail of your Suite? To make your Suite as large as your computer screen?  Now you can view your Stardoll Suite in Full Screen mode! 

Simply click on the Full Screen button at the bottom right hand corner of your Suite (located just above your Save Suite button).  And when you’re done viewing it in Full Screen mode, click the button again, or press ESC.

Modern and convenient!

Stardoll Summer Pass – Available Now!

summer pass 2011

Move over, bus pass, subway pass, hall pass and even backstage pass, because the Stardoll Summer Pass is the real key to unlocking a world of fun this Summer. A sizzling package of Stardoll’s greatest hits at a special Summer price (check your local currency for details), each Summer Pass gives you the following in one pretty package:

  • 90 Days of Superstar Membership
  • 333 Stardollars
  • 15 Free Gifts (including hot Summer fashion, accessories, décor and even an interior!)

Just log into your Stardoll account and click on Upgrade to grab the hottest ticket of the season – the essential Stardoll Summer Pass!

New feature: Beauty Parlor Camera


Now on Stardoll, you can take close up photos of your Hair, Make-up and Nails in the Beauty Parlor.  Visit your Beauty Parlor and access the Camera in the menu, then click away!

NEW: Drag n’ Drop

You asked for it, so you got it! Now you can effortlessly drag and drop items from one Suite to another, making your Stardoll life that much easier!

Welcome to Fantasy Hotels

Travel to the French Riviera and have your chauffeur drop you off at the Fantasy Hotels, available now in Starplaza.   Don’t forget to ask the concierge to pencil in your spa treatment, because here you’ll experience real luxury!  This collection of interiors and decor will take you to a first class world of crystal blue seas and white sand beaches.  You can find all you need to escape in Starplaza, available today!

Introducing: Beach Villa

Time to take that much needed holiday to the Beach Villa!

The Beach Villa is the latest Suite available on  It’s a customizable and coastal.  Spacious and seaside.  You’ll find yourself in an exotic location – a resort destination that you turn into your own creation!  And when you get the keys to the Beach Villa, you’ll also unlock a whole new shop, Golden Sands – decor for rliving.

Before you left, did you remember your bikini and sunnies?  Before you jet over to the Beach Villa, be sure to pick up the latest in resort style in the Riviera shop.  You’ll find the hottest clothes and accessories to help make the summer at the Beach Villa a little bit cooler.

Starcoins: Exciting Updates

We’ve made some additions and updates to Starcoins!
  • We’re making shopping with Starcoins in Starplaza easier!  If you have a Starcoin item in your shopping basket but don’t have enough Starcoins in your purse, don’t worry – we’ll help you exchange them upon checkout.  Note: this feature is for current and previous Superstars who have Stardollars to exchange into Starcoins.
  • Recycling Starcoin items gives you Starcoins back!  You can recycle items that are worth at least 10 Starcoins and receive 5 Starcoins!
  • More Starcoins for activities!  We’ve bumped up the Starcoin reward so, basically, you can earn more for doing the same activities.  Also, check the list over the next couple of weeks as we’ll add fun, new ways to earn more Starcoins!
  • And…there is, of course, no charge for previous Superstars to exchange their Stardollars into Starcoins.

Earn Starcoins now on Stardoll!

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