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Sneak Peek: Konnichiwa Klōz!

The voices sang in unison  “We ♥ Sunny Bunny  accessories, but we’d  also love clothes to match!”.

So that’s what we’ve done! Based on your fantastic feedback and suggestions we’ve created a new store called Sunny Bunny Klōz (ya know, clothes!)  containing an amazing new collection of Japanesque goodies for your MeDoll and for your Klōzet. As always, let us know what you think because you’re all a big part in creating this much loved Sunny Bunny brand.

Sunny Bunny Klōz, coming very soon to Starplaza…


Sneak Peek: An Otherworld is coming…

It’s no ordinary world, and it’s coming to Stardoll this week.

The gates to the enchanted garden will soon open… to take you into the Otherworld.

National Covergirl

National Covergirl works just like the regular Covergirl contest, but this time you can become Covergirl of your own country. Here’s how it works: Each day we will Crown National Covergirls in our most active countries. ALL winners will be displayed on the National Covergirl-page. That way you can not only just see who was voted National Covergirl in your country but also see other National Covergirls from around the world. Which country has the best style?

We still have our glorious Covergirl Contest . Crowning that one girl a day who has been getting most Covergirl votes on Stardoll. The ultimate fashionista!

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