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New Store: GameZone

A brand new furnishing store has invaded Starplaza. Enter the GameZone!

Parties: Polished to Perfection.

…and just in time for the Party season!

To enhance your overall Party experience, we have made the following improvements to Stardoll Parties:

  • Updated the invitation form and design to match the recent Stardoll makeover.
  • Upgraded the main navigation. Prettier and easier to use.
  • Refined how items are selected from the side menu within the Party rooms.
  • Side menu within the Party rooms now includes: Items, Floor and Wall Items, Dress-Ups, Camera, Invite Friends.
  • Increased the dimensions of the Party rooms. Bigger, better.
  • Plus other small tweaks to make everything smoother and more convenient for you to get your Party on.

Got something to celebrate? Or just want to hang out with friends?

Throw a Stardoll Party!

Show us your thumbs!

We’ve just added some sweet Facebook “Like” buttons in Starplaza and the Star Blog so you can give a thumbs-up to the stores and news items that you’re head over heels in love with and share this awesome news with your friends on Facebook. We’ll be adding more in various places across Stardoll in the future, so keep your eyes open!

Stardoll backs the Big March to beat bullying

The amazing folks at Beatbullying have created a groundbreaking collaborative campaign in the UK called The Big March.  Hosted entirely online and coinciding with Anti-Bullying Week on November 15th, The Big March  is a virtual march towards No. 10 Downing Street in London, where a petition will be delivered to the UK Government asking for help protecting children from bullying.

Stardoll are incredibly proud to join the likes of Facebook, Google, Piczo, YouTube and The Prince’s Trust in backing this online event.

Avatars from all over the web will marching together on November 15th and  if you live in the UK you’ll soon be able to register your digital self directly on Stardoll. So stay tuned…

Site News: About last night…

If you were on last night (Tues Sept 14) between 18:30 – 20:00 CET you will have noticed things were not working as they should be. Although you could browse non-member sections of the site, you couldn’t log in, log out, access your account, buy Stardollars, etc…

Without using boring technical jargon, we had an unexpected super-high number of people on the site all at the same time. What do you do if you have too many people to fit on a boat? You get a bigger boat! So our technical whizzkids quickly upgraded our servers to accommodate all of you during this incredibly popular and busy time on Stardoll. You’ll be happy to know that everything is not only back to normal, it’s better than ever!

We just wanted to let you know why this happened, thank you for your patience and apologize for any disruption this may have caused you. x

Mortal Kiss: Online Reading Adventure

Everyone is talking about Mortal Kiss, the interactive reading experience that is making its home on Stardoll. It´s updating daily with new chapters and content taking you on an amazing journey with wild adventures, epic romance and mysterious events – all  unfolding in Winter Mill.To be a part of this amazing saga click here!

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