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New LE: Run, Forest, Run!

The rush to Starplaza has begun.  Will you be one of the fortunate fashionistas to see their collector’s dreams come true? Check out the new wild and wonderful Limited Edition Collection before it magically vanishes into thin air.

Sunny Bunny II: Your ideas immortalized

A thousand thank-yous and a zillion xo’s for all your marvelous ideas regarding new yummy items for our Sunny Bunny store. Although we couldn’t accommodate all suggestions this time, we have brought several to life and added them to the store for you to try on and purchase. Just look for the “new” icon next to the latest lush accessories.

Ideas for the next Sunny Bunny? You know what to do. We are all (bunny) ears!

Poll: What’s your identiTEE?

Currently selling like cupcakes on Starplaza is the (I ) t-shirt collection in the recently opened identiTEE store, where Stardolls worldwide parade their passion using fashion and display their love on a tee. But what we want to know is… What’s your identiTEE?

Now Open: Miss Stardoll World “The Store”

To celebrate the massive buzz that is Miss Stardoll World, we’ve opened a new store that’s just as glorious, just as marvelous and just as majestic as the big event itself. Check out this fabulous new store right here.

Create your own Camp Rock Suite on Stardoll

Over the next month, Stardolls in the UK, South Africa and Turkey will be able to rock out just like the Jonas Bros and Demi Lovato, by creating the ultimate Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam Suite. So if you live in any of these countries, hold your \m/ \m/ in the air and click on one of the links below…

UK, rock this way!

South Africa,  click here, baby!

Turkey, c’mon feel the noize!

More news for UK dollies: To celebrate the release of Marmaduke, you can watch the trailer on Stardoll and enter the dogtastic Marmaduke Contest (uk only)

Stardoll Clubs – Back in bizness, baby!

Awesome news, dollies! Recently it hasn’t been possible to create new clubs on Stardoll. Kinda sucky we know, but our technical whizzkids have now chased away a particularly pesky internet gremlin (bug) making it possible for you to create clubs once again.

Pretty good timing too, since you must participate in a club (as a member or owner) to qualify for Miss Stardoll World. So if you have a good idea for an awesome club, now is the time to start one.

Start a Stardoll Club!

Get Bunnyfied!

A couple of weeks ago we opened the uber-adorable Sunny Bunny store on Stardoll, a super-cute Japanese-esque shop that has proved to be incredibly popular with Stardolls worldwide. (like, OMG! popular)

So, like a good movie, here comes the sequel…

Today, we’re starting to design the next Sunny Bunny collection and we want to know… What would you like to see in the Sunny Bunny store?

We look forward to your ideas/suggestions! Just make sure they’re YUMMY!

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