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Press Release: L’OCCITANE and Stardoll Launch Virtual Beauty Products

We are honored to introduce the latest real brand make-up store on Stardoll – L’OCCITANE! Initially, the store will be available in Sweden and Finland only, with hopefully more countries just around the corner. To learn more about the launch, here’s an excerpt from the official press release:

Stockholm, Sweden—July 29, 2010: Stardoll, the world’s largest online entertainment destination devoted to girls interested in fame, fashion and friends, today announced that international beauty retailer— L’OCCITANE — will to set up a virtual store in Stardoll’s shopping complex—the “Starplaza.”  With a lease on virtual retail space in the Starplaza, L’OCCITANE today began to introduce virtual versions of their new real world makeup line ‘Peony’ to Stardoll’s community of more than seventy million members.

The peony’s extraordinary palette of colors which inspired this makeup range full of fresh and natural colors now has its own virtual counterpart – and a virtual makeup counter where you can try it on. Stardoll members are now able to choose from this peony inspired selection of lip, eye and face makeup in a variety of colors, for different doll complexions.

Each season, L’OCCITANE and the Stardoll illustration team will unveil new collections of beauty products inspired by different L’OCCITANE florals, which will be promoted on the Stardoll homepage and sold for “Stardollars”—the site’s virtual currency based on real money.

Similar to a real life shopping experience, the L’OCCITANE makeup shop  has the unique look and feel consistent with the L’OCCITANE brand.  The tables, shelves and traditional Provencal paint finish in the store are inspired by images and design taken directly from real life stores.

“Stardoll is very excited to begin offering virtual products from an internationally recognized brand like L’OCCITANE,” said Stardoll CEO Mattias Miksche.

“The millions of dedicated beauty and fashion enthusiasts that makeup Stardoll (and use makeup on Stardoll) always respond with more than virtual excitement when we partner with such vibrant brands.  It’s our goal to enhance the way our members can play with the latest looks and approaches to beauty. Launching the L’OCCITANE store now …and with even more of their new makeup collections in the months to come – guarantees a relevant and fresh Stardolling experience.”

“We are delighted to work with Stardoll, as both a leader in the world of virtual environments and one of the most important web destinations for girls worldwide,” said Michael Löfgren Managing Director of L’Occitane Sweden. “ The Stardoll community are a group of great relevance to the future of our brands and to reaching new consumers with L’OCCITANE’s unique products and philosophy – it’s exciting to be able to interact with them in their own space.  In bringing L’OCCITANE to Stardoll, we want to both enhance the Stardoll experience as well as gain valuable insight into the virtual worlds so popular with our current and future customers.”

New Release: More Stardoll Pals!

Due to popular demand, we’ve added 6 new and varied characters to our roster of Stardoll Pals – virtual mannequin sidekicks, that you can hang out with and style in the latest fashions.

New Real Brand on Stardoll – KILLAH

Killah on Stardoll

Stardoll is proud to unveil KILLAH as the latest real brand store in Starplaza. Since 1998, this denim lifestyle brand has developed quality collections season after season — dedicated to, and inspired by, the essence and personality of youth. Killah (the teenage slang for “cool”) have now taken a leap into the virtual fashion world, teaming with Stardoll to provide even more real brand shopping options to millions of Stardolls all over the globe. Check out the store and don’t forget to let us know what you think by leaving your comments and by voting in the poll below. Happy shopping!

Killah Links

Sneak Peek: New Penthouse Goodies

Penthouse Suites are the height of luxury on Stardoll and later this week we’re introducing 17 brand new Penthouse items for your luxury abode. Until then here’s a sneak peek at 3 of the gorgeous goodies prepared for your satisfaction. You like?

(click image to enlarge)

Treat Your Suite

Everyone loves a sale… so we’ve rocked out the half price sale stickers and put them on selected Suite Shop items, but only until Sunday July 18th!

We ♥ Feedback (UPDATED!)

A big warm fuzzy thanks to everyone for the overwhelming feedback regarding our recent makeover. All comments are greatly appreciated and will help make Stardoll better than ever. You’re truly the best 🙂

We are currently reading all of your comments – on this Blog, Twitter, Facebook and on So here are a few answers to your frequently asked questions so far about the new site:

Suite Items: There’s a small bug that limits you to 100 items in your Suite. This is not by design and will be changed! Our lovely Stardoll techies are onto it…  and after the fix the limit will be raised. Hurray! (now fixed)

Where are my best friends? They are there, but you can only see 6 of them right now. We’re looking into this one too and normal service will resume shortly. (now fixed)

Guestbook: Notifications will be back shortly! Also, you will be able to make it private/viewable to friends only. (now fixed)

Starbazaar: Can’t see the interiors? Our bad. You soon will, as there is a fix is on the way! (now fixed)

Broadcast: We agree, the messages vanish waaaay too quickly. Don’t fear, your broadcasts to the world will be visible like they deserve to be – it is being fixed as we speak. (now fixed)

Covergirl: Yes, we miss her too! This feature WILL return… and very soon! (now fixed)

Sorry about the hiccups… and thanks once again for all the wonderful feedback. We will return with more answers to your questions over the next week, so keep checking back!  xx

Stardoll just got a new look!

We have been hammering, painting and decorating for months, and now we´re proudly watching the final coat of paint dry…Celebrate Stardoll´s new look with us and get a free makeover belt and helmet in Starplaza!

We really hope that you´re going to enjoy the new! If you have any questions, please check the Makover FAQ and video tutorials. Go explore and have fun!

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