Taking a Break… explained!

Dear dollies,

A lot of you saw our “Taking a Break” post and thought that something was up. There’s no need to worry!

Seeing as we have a lot of great articles being regularly published on the the Star Blog, we thought we’d take a break here in our official blog. You know, the holidays are coming up soon and all that…

So, there’s nothing wrong whatsoever. Stardoll.com is NOT taking a break! It’s only stardollblog.com — you guys won’t be seeing new posts around these parts for a while, but make sure to stay tuned to our internal blog on Stardoll for all the news, fashion and fun going on there.


Hugs and❤


Stardoll Streets: Fearless Style

sayrezeldaspotted on Stardoll: sayrezelda

In the Spotlight: Dolloween

Happy Halloween!

Your favorite thing about Halloween may be getting some candy, dressing up in costumes, or having the opportunity to make some mischief… but our favorite thing about it in Stardoll is DEFINITELY getting to see our dolls go all out in exploring their creative side! It’s really wonderful to see how much thought and care some of you put into decorating your Suites for the occasion.

I mean, just take a look at all these fantastic, spooky scenarios…



We wonder what lurks behind those shadows…



A crying angel, a fabulous hat… add all that fog and we’re set!



Cat woman, tigers… things are getting wild!



There’s something magic and alluring about this peaceful countryside setting.



Dark and fabulous!



We’re gonna be tacky here, but we think this is… bewitching!



Spooky can be colorful and fun!



This Suite gets our Raven reviews!



Fiery! We love seeing imagination go wild!



Looks like some grave matters…

Stardoll Streets: B&W

alegre19spotted on Stardoll: alegre19

Who Wore It Best? – Fab Shrug

Have you guys checked out the Endangered Species campaign? There’s lots of cute and❤ in that page, and it’s all for a good cause.

At first many of you were confused by the whole concept behind the Endangered Species store, as in “who would wear stuff made from endangered animals?!!” and… of course that wasn’t the idea! It probably all makes more sense now, but it’s all about celebrating the planet’s diversity and raising awareness for the vulnerable creatures within it.

Speaking of diversity… alex73270 and MissAnqeLPunk managed to style up the collection’s “Warm Black Shrug” in totally different ways. Let us know which one is your favorite!

151024Loving the looks? Here’s where you can get them!

Stardoll Streets: Pink Punk

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 10.38.55spotted on Stardoll: PiratePinkBlood

Mystery Celeb

Can you solve this one?

1510215 points: The celeb was born in the US, and her first name is Vera.

4 points: She’s an actress, writer and comedian.

3 points: Her first experiencing in show business was working as an intern for “Late Night with Conan O’Brien”.

2 points: She is one of the few Indian-American women currently in television…

1 point: You probably know her by her middle name: Mindy!

Know who she is? Let’s hear it!

Image from: http://www.posh24.com/

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Dollies fue un placer compartir con ustedes  #Stardolltakeover es una experiencia increible,  de lo mejor que me ha pasado en mis 6 años en Stardoll. Espero seguir en contacto con ustedes en mi suite en Stardoll o mis redes sociales💋Vgnails// 'Fashion is the best tool to help us to dream' - Giorgio Armani. Dollies, It was a pleasure to share my creations with you! This #stardolltakeover was an incredible experience and the best thing that's happened to me in my six years on Stardoll! I hope to keep in touch with you in my Suite on Stardoll and here on social media💋Vgnails #stardoll #stardolltakeover Hola dollies feliz domingo☺️Las nuevas tiendas en Stardoll son fantasticas tienen articulos preciosos faciles de utilizar, de las tiendas nuevas mi favorita es Vinyl... cual es si tienda favorita?💋Vgnails// Hi Dollies! Happy Sunday☺️ The new stores on Stardoll are amazing and full of items that are easy to wear and style! My favorite is Vinyl...which one is yours?💋Vgnails #stardolltakeover #stardoll Stardoll es un mundo mágico donde no solo puedes explotar tu creatividad sin límites, también es una comunidad donde se crean amistades,  los amigos  no son las personas que ves, son las personas que sientes contigo❤️ Cabello Grafico diseñado por  JuankisJuankis 👩‍❤️‍👩gracias amigo.

Gracias a todos por el apoyo en #stardolltakeover 
Stardoll is a magical world where you can not only explore your creativity without limits, but is a community where friendships are created, friends are not people you see, they are people you feel ❤️ Graphic hair designed by JuankisJuankis 👩‍❤️‍👩 thank you my friend 
Thank you all for the support with this #stardolltakeover

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