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Meet the ‘Callie’s picks: Who wears it best?’ CONTEST WINNERS!

Oh dollies, you are a talented bunch! There were many great entries – you made us suffer in here! Every single one of you has that je nais se quoi. But of course, we had to come up with a final decision, and here it is. Meet the ‘Callie’s Picks: Who wears it best?’ contest WINNERS!

In alphabetical order…

AlyssaGrunge. She charmed us with the perfect beach promenade look.



brennm. The ultra chic style and the psychedelic background were the perfect combo that made our hearts go boom boom boom!


Demi_iremstyle. She captivated our fashion senses with her simple, feminine and elegant look!


joje191. She’s simply irresistible and her style reflects it!


zoesPink‘s casual style inspired by the american culture. Doesn’t that cap give an extra edge to the look?


YUHUU! Congrats to the winners!

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Spot The Difference Winners

Did you manage to find all the differences in puppysasha34’s Suite?

The differences were:

The perfume bottle in the central mannequin’s hand.

The keychain in puppysasha34’s hand.

The clock on the desk.

The ponytail on the mannequin to the left.

The spotlights in the background.

The lucky – and observant – winners are:







…and kennedyMola


Congratulations to the winners! Stay tuned for more fun competitions.

Movie Star Contest Winners

The winners of the Movie Star contest have been announced! The competition was open to all Superstar and Royalty film buffs, who dressed up as their favorite movie characters. There were so many amazing entries, our judges were really impressed with your incredible creativity!

Misskingbis created this beautiful scene with the Queen of Hearts.

Alice.miss.1996 made a tribute to The Ring with this scary photo.


VickyVCuchi looks amazing as the Mad Hatter!

MSW Wardrobe


Part of MSW winner Florgatalinda10’s prize was a whole new closet with some of her favorite items from Starplaza. She sent in a wishlist, and the collection of brand new clothes were sent straight to her Suite.

These were some of our favorites, including the gorgeous Lanvin-inspired dress from the latest Fallen Angel collection, a glamorous faux fur, versatile accessories from Miss Sixty and a Pucci print set.


What would you have chosen for your new wardrobe?

And the winner is….

Miss Stardoll World 2014 is Brazilian beauty FlorGatalinda10!

Since joining in 2010, FlorGatalinda10 has won National Covergirl, Covergirl, The Vote and more! Her huge Suite is full of lovely rooms with fun details, like a room with a gorgeous sea view, a tasty-looking BBQ scene, an elegant tea party and more!

FlorGatalinda10 wins the stunning Mawi Crystal leaf necklace and clutch, two years of Superstar membership, Royalty status and shopping, 2000 Stardollars, 2000 Starcoins, Miss Stardoll World crown & sash, an exclusive wardrobe packed with amazing outfits and a Feature in the hall of fame.

1st Runner Up is Saudi Arabian doll Memoo-wa, who has been a member since 2011 and whose textile and jewelry designs have won tons of awards!

Memoo-wa is the lucky winner of the Mawi Geometric Crystal Bracelet, 6 months of Superstar membership, Royalty status and shopping, 1000 Stardollars, 1000 Starcoins and a Beautiful crown & sash.

2nd Runner Up is stunning Turkish doll PuppySasha34. An award-winning hair designer, PuppySasha34 always looks flawless and has really made a name for herself since joining in 2012.

PuppySasha34 wins the Mawi Geometric Crystal Ring, 3 months of Superstar membership, Royalty status and shopping, 500 Stardollars, 500 Starcoins and a Beautiful crown & sash.


Congratulations to the amazing winners and thank you to everyone who votes – you have helped make dreams come true!

Halloween Contest Winners

Presenting: The amazing winners of the Halloween costume contest! Click the images to visit these gorgeous dolls.

888kamila impressed the judges with her classy – but spooky – outfit!
HUNKYDORYs looks stunning as the Corpse Bride!
peachenforce10 sent in this beautifully dark image.
rawrbabyrawr123 created an inspired makeup look!
Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to all of you amazingly talented stardolls who sent in your Halloween outfits.

Gorgeous Gowns Winners

The winners of the Gorgeous Gowns contest have been announced! It was really hard for the judges to pick just five winners – there were so many amazing entries!

Beluchiitaa impressed with her beautiful white gown and elegant backdrop.

SummerWinePearl’s accessories complete her romantic look.

youfriezhana’s look is both modern and retro – we love the soft yellow dress with those gold heels.

stardollkidkat is hanging out in the clouds with her evening gown and matching tiara.

LoveFayrouzChic’s girly look works great with a pretty ponytail and a cute background.


Well done to the winners, keep your eyes peeled for the next contest!


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