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Contest Winners: VIP Beach Party

Going through the submissions for the “VIP Beach Party” contest took us to a much brighter place in a rainy day here at the Stardoll HQ. Thanks for all the beautiful party sceneries you guys created!

We’re still daydreaming about sunny days and sand under out feet, but it’s comforting to know you can always have some beachy fun in Stardoll wherever you might be!

Meet the winners:


Callie.Stardoll looked like a happy guest at MyryNice’s bonfire beach party.


Smart girl she is, jothequeen set up a beautiful romantic dinner by the water.


Alvaro7.7’s party was filled with stylish sun-kissed guests!


We like how 26asude26 make a fancier affair with a beautiful beach view!


bechybradon had a party with plenty of friends, sun, snacks and refreshments. What more could you ask for?


Stacy-G knows that a party is only as good as the people in it! We love her scenery and her cast of characters.


Don’t you just want to join sonel2121’s lovely picnic?


kickherout set up the perfect environment for a fun get together. This beach is looking so cozy we want to move in!


Beach barbeque! TheBlackestCat has the right idea…


A beautiful beach wedding with fireworks sounds just about perfect. We like pinkorxidea’s imagination!

Stardoll Streets: Winning Look

spotted on Stardoll: dropdeadcupcake

Contest Winners: Hunger Games Scenery

Seems like you guys had fun with our Hunger Games Scenery contest! At least we certainly did while going through the incredible submissions…

We could blabber on about The Hunger Games for hours, but let’s get to what matters, right?
Here are the winners:

We are in awe of how Giscellayne‘s somber scenery captured the mood for dramatic adventures!

Speaking of dramatic… Alexanderq makes an astonishing entrance with plenty of flair!

kary35Fiesta, on the other hand, leaves no doubt as to the fact that “Fire is catching!”

Do you have a favorite? Share your thoughts!

Official Doll Interviews

And they’re all finally out!

Earlier this month thousands of stardolls entered the “Reporter for a Day” contest trying to get an exclusive chance to interview their country’s official doll!

Three winners were selected & contacted by our staff to send in their questions for their chosen representative.

Originally, user OneTimeTooMany was selected as the #1 Reporter that would get to interview Callie.Stardoll, but unfortunately we did not hear back from her in time. First runner-up iBhaddChica was then contacted and got an experience to be remembered! You can check out iBhaddChica’s interview with Callie.Stardoll here.




Brazilian journalist-in-the-making marveleda impressed us with her crafty questions and got to interview her country’s own, Julia.Stardoll. Click here to get a glimpse of the exciting & laid-back exclusive (in Portuguese).




Finally, Colombian aspiring designer AnnMooon also submitted her article after having a chance to interview Maite.Stardoll. She got the Spanish speakers’ representative to share her personal thoughts on the world of design and how Stardoll can play a role in the future of fashion lovers such as herself. You can check out their entrevista aquí.




Congrats to the winners! Callie, Julia and Maite send their thanks for the lovely interviews!

Meet the ‘Callie’s picks: Who wears it best?’ CONTEST WINNERS!

Oh dollies, you are a talented bunch! There were many great entries – you made us suffer in here! Every single one of you has that je nais se quoi. But of course, we had to come up with a final decision, and here it is. Meet the ‘Callie’s Picks: Who wears it best?’ contest WINNERS!

In alphabetical order…

AlyssaGrunge. She charmed us with the perfect beach promenade look.



brennm. The ultra chic style and the psychedelic background were the perfect combo that made our hearts go boom boom boom!


Demi_iremstyle. She captivated our fashion senses with her simple, feminine and elegant look!


joje191. She’s simply irresistible and her style reflects it!


zoesPink‘s casual style inspired by the american culture. Doesn’t that cap give an extra edge to the look?


YUHUU! Congrats to the winners!

Check other contests! 


Spot The Difference Winners

Did you manage to find all the differences in puppysasha34’s Suite?

The differences were:

The perfume bottle in the central mannequin’s hand.

The keychain in puppysasha34’s hand.

The clock on the desk.

The ponytail on the mannequin to the left.

The spotlights in the background.

The lucky – and observant – winners are:







…and kennedyMola


Congratulations to the winners! Stay tuned for more fun competitions.

Movie Star Contest Winners

The winners of the Movie Star contest have been announced! The competition was open to all Superstar and Royalty film buffs, who dressed up as their favorite movie characters. There were so many amazing entries, our judges were really impressed with your incredible creativity!

Misskingbis created this beautiful scene with the Queen of Hearts.

Alice.miss.1996 made a tribute to The Ring with this scary photo.


VickyVCuchi looks amazing as the Mad Hatter!

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