Stardoll Style: Boy Chic

stardoll style boy chic

spotted on Stardoll: DHIOGO.DULTRA

How do you like this look?

Who Wore “It Girls” Best?

Exciting times in this edition of Who Wore it Best!

Stunning dolls maymiex and GaGa.109 showed us that It Girls’ “Sheer Lounge Pants” surely are versatile! The styling of these pants leave no doubt as to the difference a jacket makes…

Let us know who YOU think wore it best! Leave a comment sharing your opinion and your Stardoll username – one lucky commenter will be selected and receive these fabulous pants as a GIFT!


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Mystery Celeb

We have another mystery in our hands… can you guess who’s this week’s celeb?


5 points: This actor got an early start in his career, making his first appearance in a movie at the age of 5!

4 points: Despite being a prominent movie star nowadays, he was briefly a cast member in Saturday Night Live and other TV shows.

3 points: Now a father to two small children, this celeb also has a 21 year old son!

2 points: He was in a relationship with Sarah Jessica Parker for a few years during the 80s.

1 point: He plays one of Marvel’s Avengers.

You must have gotten it, right? Share in the comments!

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Official Doll Interviews

And they’re all finally out!

Earlier this month thousands of stardolls entered the “Reporter for a Day” contest trying to get an exclusive chance to interview their country’s official doll!

Three winners were selected & contacted by our staff to send in their questions for their chosen representative.

Originally, user OneTimeTooMany was selected as the #1 Reporter that would get to interview Callie.Stardoll, but unfortunately we did not hear back from her in time. First runner-up iBhaddChica was then contacted and got an experience to be remembered! You can check out iBhaddChica’s interview with Callie.Stardoll here.




Brazilian journalist-in-the-making marveleda impressed us with her crafty questions and got to interview her country’s own, Julia.Stardoll. Click here to get a glimpse of the exciting & laid-back exclusive (in Portuguese).




Finally, Colombian aspiring designer AnnMooon also submitted her article after having a chance to interview Maite.Stardoll. She got the Spanish speakers’ representative to share her personal thoughts on the world of design and how Stardoll can play a role in the future of fashion lovers such as herself. You can check out their entrevista aquí.




Congrats to the winners! Callie, Julia and Maite send their thanks for the lovely interviews!

Stardoll Style

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 13.44.42spotted on Stardoll: jerry-lee

Sunday Quiz: Parisian Treat

Time for another Sunday Quiz! This weeks LE Decor release left us all here at the Stardoll HQ feeling enchanté!

Imagine you’re taking a stroll around the streets of Paris. Oui, la vie est belle!
You’re having such a great time you decide it’s time to treat yourself…


Take the quiz to find out what Parisian treat best suits your personality!

1. In the mornings you…

a) Jump out of bed full of energy!

b) Tend to be grumpy

c) Can only function properly after a nice breakfast

2. How would you rather start a weekend?

a) Meeting some friends for a nice brunch

b) Catching up with some reading

c) By sleeping in! Into the afternoon, if possible…

3. You love the smell of…

a) Flowers!

b) Coffee!

c) Freshly baked bread!

4. I would rather invite a friend to meet me at…

a) A fair

b) A cozy café

c) A mall

5. Pick a fruit!

a) Strawberries

b) Apples

c) Grapes

6. What are your go to shoes?

a) Sneakers

b) Oxford boots

c) Heels, always!

7. Pick a French word that best describes you!

a) Joyeux

b) Sérieux

c) Élégant

Count up your scores to see which Parisian treat best suits you!

Mostly A’s: How about some… macarons!
You’re a cheery and sweet person. You’re overflowing in joie de vivre and tend to put everyone around you in a good mood. Macarons are not only varied, fun & colorful… but also irresistible, like you!


Mostly B’s: How about some… coffee!
You can’t deny it… you’re probably “the mature one” in your circles. You’re sensible and quite the connaisseur. Coffee lover or not, you know what you like and you won’t settle for less!


Mostly C’s: How about… a croissant!
Why make things complicated? If you’re in Paris, you want the best it has to offer! You enjoy the finer things in life and you’re always well informed of the latest trends. You’re trés chic and proud of it!


Who Wore it Best?

Hello, dolls!

Don’t you just love the “Boho Fringe Poncho” from the latest It Girls collection? Dress it up or dress it down, you’re bound to look oh-so-casually-cool regardless!

These fab stardolls are the perfect example! mmm_1999 kept it quite Coachella, while platforms101 blinged it up a notch with a sparkly choker.

Let us know who YOU think wore it best!

150418Don’t forget you can always GET THE LOOKS.


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