MSW Suites II

It’s time for another edition of inspirational MSW Suites!

Elena_Giibert’s Suite is full of sparkle, and the creation she is wearing is simply fantastic!

Pinklovelemons keeps it simple but elegant with this stunning dress and atmospheric backdrop.

OdetAngel has a dreamy MSW room, complete with a beautiful peacock to match her gorgeous dress!

Candyapple1212 has created an entire fashion show. We love the way her red dress pops against the background!

Silverdready walks the red carpet in this amazing DIY outfit!

sdoreymenano’s modern look works well with this adorable, sparkling dress from the MSW store!

popotje’s dress is made from flowing sheer fabric, and is beautifully unique! We love her take on this year’s MSW colors!


If you’d like your MSW Suite to be featured next week, leave a comment with your username and the theme of your Suite, and you might just be one of the lucky ones!

Sunday Quiz: Animals

This week, take the quiz to find out which is your perfect animal!


1. How would your friends describe you?

a) The vain one.

b) The crazy one.

c) The outdoorsy one.

d) The funny one.

2. Do you enjoy sports?

a) Not really my thing.

b) I like swimming.

c) Yes, definitely!

d) Running is fun.

3. ….and what about the great outdoors?

a) Not so great.

b) I like the beach.

c) Love it!

d) I like parks and the woods.

4. Would your family say you’re responsible?

a) Mostly.

b) Not really, too busy with other stuff!

c) Yes, definitely.

d) I can be trusted with most things.

5. How do you spend a free afternoon?

a) Lounging, watching a movie.

b) Finding adventure.

c) Sports.

d) Seeing friends or family.

6. Pick a spot to relax!

a) A hammock in the sun.

b) On the beach or by the pool.

c) Talking a walk or going for a run in the forest.

d) My comfy bed.

7. Are you a hands-on, practical kind of person?

a) Not really, I prefer to leave DIY to others.

b) If the project interests me.

c) Definitely!

d) I can put together a piece of furniture if I get the instructions.

8. What’s more important?

a) Beauty.

b) Adventure.

c) Health.

d) Friends.

9. How long does it take you to get ready for a party?

a) Hours!

b) Maybe half an hour.

c) Five minutes tops.

d) Not long!

10. Finally, pick something to eat!

a) Sushi.

b) Exotic food.

c) A hearty traditional meal.

d) Steak.


Time to add up your answers and find out which is your perfect animal!

Mostly A: Cat! You are a lover of the finest things in life, whether that’s fashion or food. You would be perfectly suited for a feline friend, who you could spend lazy afternoons with in a sunny spot. You could spend hours grooming yourselves, and snacking on seafood treats. Meow!

Mostly B: Fish! You are a free spirit with a sense of adventure. Because you are often away finding new challenges, fish would suit you perfectly, and the beautiful shapes and colors could inspire you for your next creative project.

Mostly C: Horse! You are active and fun, and always busy with your interests and passions. A horse would be a fun companion who could join you in all sorts of outdoorsy activities. Nayyy?

Mostly D: Dog! You love good food and spending time with your loved ones, just like a cute pup would. You are perfectly suited to have canine companions to hang out with, take long walks and cuddle up to watch a movie. Woof!

Which is your perfect animal, and what would you like to be quizzed on next week? Make sure to tell us in the comments!

Celebrity to Stardoll: Makeup edition

Guest blogger: blossumbabe

Hey dolls,
This week Celebrity to Stardoll features actress Nicola Peltz, who you might recognise from Transformers 4, Avatar: The Last Airbender actress Nicola Peltz…and its a makeup edition! As we’re in the voting stage of MSW a lot of dolls are putting their best outfit forward. But don’t forget to be sure that your makeup is on point too!
Nicola Peltz’s look is sweet ‘n’ simple. The pinks give it a girly touch and because basic colours, that can suit anybody are used, its easy to have this as the starting point for your new MSW look. Don’t worry, everything from hair to nails is included in the graphic. Even though most, if not all of the items in the Beauty tab of Starplaza are worth stardollars, makeup for your doll is definitely a must have when competing for MSW. Good luck to everyone competing.
If you liked this issue of Celebrity to Stardoll or you have a suggestion for my next post let me know in the comments below. You can also add me on Stardoll (blossumbabe) and follow me on Google plus.
Have a wonderful day




With a background in fashion design, Mawi Keivom creates outstanding pieces of ultra-modern glamour with sparkling crystals, studs and chains.

The brand was launched in 2002, and took off like a rocket ship from the catwalks of London Fashion Week. Mawi has since found a place in the heart of avant garde fashionistas all over the world. In the summer of 2014 alone, Mawi was featured in Grazia, Vanity Fair, Vogue and countless other fashion magazines.

Mawi is sold in high end boutiques all over the world, and these wearable pieces of art can be seen in such esteemed places as Selfridges & Harvey Nichols in London,  Barneys Madison Avenue in New York and the Galleries Lafayette in Paris, just to mention a few.

Stardoll is proud to continue the partnership with this amazing real life brand, and our designers have really outdone themselves with creating items which are true to Mawi’s original designs.

Mawi is also a sponsor of Miss Stardoll World 2014, and will be providing three winners with extraordinary, sparkling prizes.

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 10.55.39

Stardoll’s fashion managers snapped these great shots at Mawi HQ in London.


Stardoll Graphics: katyperrycupcak

katyperrycupcak made this cute image matching a real life design to get into the spirit of MSW14! We love the pose and how perfectly it matches the photo inspiration. Thanks for sharing, katyperrycupcak!


Wednesday Horoscope: Cancer

This week it’s time to find out the horoscope for Cancer – The Crab!

Cancer, 21st June – 22nd July

Symbol: The Crab

Element: Water

Color: White, Silver

Gem: Pearl

Those born in the sign of Cancer tend to be great at reading people, and make very sensitive and loyal friends. If you’re Cancer, you are emotionally intelligent and tend to be most happy around family and friends in a comfortable space. You are compassionate, and protective of your loved ones. Since you are so tuned in to the emotional world, you may sometimes find yourself dwelling on the past and overanalyzing things. This month, why not treat your family to a home cooked meal and spend an evening just enjoying each other’s company?


Cancer-inspired outfit: Beach crab 25SD / Transform exotic peach lipstick 19SD / TressUp HIllary hair 12SD / Epiphany diamond w pearl bracelet 10SD / 2 x Epiphany diamond w pearl necklace 23SD each / Nelly orange Cheap Monday dress 24SD / Royalty Boy George sandals 12SD

Must-Have Products: Transform

Guest blogger: The2glams

Hey guys!

Do you ever wonder what my favorite beauty products are at Stardoll? Well, I created this video just for that.

I chose the store Transform because I know there are people who want to shop there, but don’t know what to get. So, I hope you enjoy this video and don’t forget to
check out my channel for more beauty related videos.

Video credit: The2Glams


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