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New hair design videos by HUNKYDORYs

HUNKYDORYs has a load of new videos! She does great hair! Check it out on YouTube!

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A new camera

Callie’s busy playing around with the camera. All part of more to come…

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Stardoll Dress Up Teen Stars

Coming soon to iTunes or a Google Play store close to you!TeenStars_Round_512


Leticia_20121 knows how to do a CELEB LOOK-A-LIKE! #Stardoll  and post to Instagram and get featured! COME ON show us what you’ve got!



Time for a guessing game…

What is this and what does it have to do with Stardoll? You’re going to have to wait to find out…But let us know what you think!


Major spoiler alert…

What collection do you think this is?


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RG @missmerylu2000m: #stardoll loving the Easter pic. Found any eggs yet? The 2014 Easter Hunt begins... NOW! #stardoll Yesterdays winner ILOVECHRISTIANA has HairDesign lips and they are fab! #stardoll #hairdesign. Check out her suite! Are you ready to be blown away by a spring breeze? The new Tress-up collection is now live. Enjoy!  #stardoll

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