Mystery Celeb 5

Time for a Christmas edition of the Mystery Celeb! Can you find the name of this festive star?

5 points: This star was born and raised in Grand Prairie, Texas.

4 points: She names Bruno Mars as one of her idols and her main musical inspiration.

3 points: She is an actress as well as a singer.

2 points: Her initials are S.G.

1 point: She shot to fame with Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place.


So who is the Mystery Celeb, and how many points did you get? Tell us in the comments!

Xmas Suites II

Are you getting into the Christmas spirit? Check out these creative dolls who have bags of festive cheer!


dhawiStar‘s cosy room has the perfect place to hang your Christmas stockings.

babuci1992‘s glammed-up tree works beautifully with the sun setting!

fernando-jca‘s LE Christmas room has bags of great details.

Marija-Smile wears the Hot Hot Buys Rudolph sweater perfectly!

Me.feat.Beyonce‘s tree matches her girly style – so cute!

HeartHayleeRose has a glittering, gold room for the holidays.

GoldFriis is keeping warm with the gorgeous LE fireplace while the snow is falling outside.


There are so many amazing Christmas Suites – we wish we could feature them all!

Quiz: What’s Your Holiday Style?

Take the quiz to find your perfect holiday style – whether you’re a Christmas glamazon or festively casual!

1. The festive season is all about…

a) Parties and celebration!

b) Food and family.

c) Friends and gifts.

2. Are you dreaming of a white christmas?

a) Not really, I don’t have the shoes for it.

b) Definitely – snowball fights!

c) Yes, it looks so pretty.

3. Pick a Christmas drink!

a) Sparkling soda.

b) Hot chocolate.

c) Egg nog.

4. What’s on your wish list?

a) Clothes and accessories.

b) Books and movies.

c) I don’t really have a wish list.

5. Pick a Christmas movie!

a) I don’t really watch Christmas movies.

b) Frosty the Snowman

c) The Grinch

6. Do you know what you’re wearing for New Year’s Eve?

a) Of course – and it’s fabulous!

b) Nope.

c) I’ll get something the week before.

7. Watching family members open their Christmas presents is…

a) Fine as long as it doesn’t take ages.

b) The highlight of my year.

c) Very nice.

8. Speaking of Christmas presents, imagine your auntie gives you a pair of knitted socks. What do you do?

a) Wonder if there’s a receipt.

b) Thank her – that’s so sweet!

c) Say thanks and store them at the bottom of your sock drawer.

9. Now, do you have plans for New Year’s Eve?

a) Of course – there are so many parties!

b) No, I might just stay in.

c) I’m seeing some friends.

10. Finally, what are you most looking forward to this holiday season?

a) The sales!

b) Seeing family.

c) Seeing friends.


Time to find your holiday style!

Mostly A: Glamorous! You’re all about the glitz and glamour and have BIG plans for this holiday season. Have fun, and sparkle!

Mostly B: Cosy. Your holidays are all about spending quality time with family and snuggling up to watch Christmas movies. Enjoy!

Mostly C: Classy. Your holidays have it all: family, friends, and shopping. Your perfect style is classy, since you have so many different activities planned. You’re a busy bee!


What’s your holiday style? Tell us in the comments!

Styling of the Week

Guest blogger: ilgd


In this look : (for the top) Conductor Vest from Bonjour Bisou & Green Glitter Sheath Dress from Special Offer & Stargate Blazer Fallen Angel, Ruffled Pocket Pants & High Waisted Trousers from Bonjour Bisou, Chains Handbag from Limited Edition, Glitter Peep Toes from Rio
The “Conductor Vest” was part of the latest Bonjour Bisou release, and it immediately caught my attention. It’s definitely not the easiest piece to style and that was one of the reasons I purchased it, so I can challenge myself and create an outfit with it! It fits into the military theme trend, so it goes great with tailored pants. My tip is to add a pair of high heels to make the whole look more feminine!

Royalty get 10% off!

Brand new! Royalty now get 10% off EVERYTHING in Starplaza and the Suite Shop. Become Royalty now to get the discount, and get exclusive access to the Alexander McQueen homage from Museum Mile this weekend.
The discount is valid in all stores, and lasts for as long as you have a Royalty membership. If your membership runs out, simply renew it and get all the Royalty features – including the discount – back instantly. Awesome!

Mystery Celeb 4

Let’s play Mystery Celeb! You dolls are so good at finding the hidden A-listers – how do you do it?!

5 points: At the Teen Choice Awards, she was nominated for “Choice Summer TV Star – Female”.

4 points: This stunning starlet is half Filipino, half Irish/Scottish

3 points: This TV-series actress is preparing for future roles by learning Spanish.

2 points: Her initials are S.M.

1 point: She is best known her role in Pretty Little Liars.


So who is the Mystery Celeb this week, and how many points did you get? Tell us in the comments!

Xmas Suites

Today we’re getting into the festive spirit with some lovely Xmas Suites! Click the images to see more from these creative dolls.

sa.inma is dreaming of a white Christmas.

Pinky-PoOo has already put the stockings over her roaring fire.

thedresdendoll looks like she’s on her way out to do some stylish Christmas shopping.

Arki. is dressing her tree as the cutest gingerbread girl.


Sonnflora looks wonderful as a Christmas angel!

..and Pricob is busy buying the perfect Christmas tree!


Do you know someone with an amazing Xmas Suite? Let us know in the comments!




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