Stardoll Streets: Good Vibes

vgnailsspotted on Stardoll: Vgnails

Who Wore it Best – Summer Overcoat

We can’t get enough of the stark whites from PPQ’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection, and by the looks of it, neither can our fashion-forward dolls!

The “Long White Overcoat” from this release is quite the stunning Summer essential, and it can really freshen up any outfit! The trendy katyperrycupcak and bonjomadam1 are great examples when it comes to how to use this piece in great style.

Who do YOU think wore it best? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to share your Stardoll username. You might get lucky enough to receive this item as a gift!

150523If you love the looks, you can get them here!

In the Spotlight: Spring Yellow

Yellow is ON this season! Pick (or even mix) from a choice of bold canary, refreshing lemon or mellow pastel shades for the ultimate sunny look.

Here are some great examples of how our brightest fashionistas are exploring the trend…



Yellow + ultra chic black-and-white = love!



Sunny look with a 70s-style flare? Double bonus!



Polka dots, YAY!



Bling bling!



Lip bitingly good.



Go bold or… just go bold, OK?



Trendy, yet still edgy!

What’s your take on this trend?

Mystery Celeb Couple

This week’s mystery comes with a romantic twist! Let’s see how well you know your celebrity couples…


5 points: These actors have worked in both TV and motion pictures.

4 points: This couple met in the set of a movie and have been in an on-off relationship since 2007.

3 points: She’s a typical Cali girl, and he’s Canadian with Nordic roots.

2 points: They recently became parents for the first time, welcoming a daughter on October 2014.

1 point: She’s got her big break being a “Summer” and he’s most famous for being a “Skywalker”!


Did you figure out the identity of this cute couple? Share in the comments!

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Stardoll Streets: Desert Deluxe

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 12.12.46

spotted on Stardoll: dadany972

Sunday Quiz: How Motherly Are You?

Are you the motherly type or… not so much? Take the quiz to find out!

1. Your friend calls you in tears telling you she just broke up with her boyfriend. You…

a) Feel sorry for her. What else can you do?

b) Drop everything you’re doing to go provide her a shoulder to cry on

c) Ask her if she’s OK and if you can do anything do help

2. You’ve been invited to a kid’s birthday party.

a) Ugh. I need to find a good excuse to ditch it

b) I offer to get there early to help out with the preparations

c) Fun! I’ll be sure to drop by and bring a nice gift

3. Which of the following you would consider more important?

a) Being fun

b) Being supportive

c) Being kind

4. How do feel about spending time with your family?

a) It’s a bit of a chore… I’d rather hang out with my friends

b) It’s super important. Family comes first!

c) I enjoy big family gatherings now and then, but really appreciate some alone time

5. You’ve been invited to a night out with friends.

a) Aw, yeah! I need to find an amazing outfit, stat!

b) I’d rather skip it, but I’ll make an appearance if pressed. I don’t want to offend anyone…

c) Cool. Sounds fun!

6. You see a little boy crying at the mall. Apparently he strayed and got lost. You…

a) Continue shopping… it’s not my problem!

b) Offer to stand beside him until you find his parents

c) Contact a security guard to go help him

7. It’s Friday night. You are looking forward to…

a) Partying!

b) Sleeping in tomorrow!

c) Having a whole weekend to relax and have fun!

Add up your scores and see what you got!

Mostly A’s: Not Yo Mama

barbebrigitaYou’re too busy being your fabulous self to have time for mothering others. You put yourself first and foremost, and you know what? Good for you!

Mostly B’s: A Mom at Heart

NatmoFashionYou’re a very giving person. You put other people’s needs above your own and probably enjoy the love and appreciation you get in return!

Mostly C’s: Kid Friendly

CestlavenusYou might not be ready to fully dedicate yourself to taking care of others, but you’re very kind and open. People know they can count on you when needed!

Who Wore It Best? – Photogenic

And now for something slightly different…

Instead of focusing on these dolls entire looks, we’re interested in how they’re seen! The fabulous ashleybaby93 and silviafo10 seem to have caught a fashion scout’s eye. Spectacular’s “Photographer Shades” are certainly for those with captivating styles!

Who’s style would YOU be more interested in clicking? Share in the comments!


Like the “Photographer Shades”? Click here to get them!


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