Mystery Celeb!

Time for a new game! Can you guess who the mystery celeb is? Challenge yourself and your friends and see how quickly you can discover the hidden celebrity! Use the hints to work out the answer and let us know who you think it is by leaving a comment.

5 points: This picture was snapped at the Burberry fall 2014 fashion show.

4 points:This starlet was born in Hackney, England.

3 points: This young celeb was born in 1981.

2 points: Our celeb is a singer/songwriter and used to work as a live model.

1 point: Our mystery celeb’s initials are P.F.


How quickly did you find the identity of the mystery celeb?

Movie Star Contest Winners

The winners of the Movie Star contest have been announced! The competition was open to all Superstar and Royalty film buffs, who dressed up as their favorite movie characters. There were so many amazing entries, our judges were really impressed with your incredible creativity!

Misskingbis created this beautiful scene with the Queen of Hearts.

Alice.miss.1996 made a tribute to The Ring with this scary photo.


VickyVCuchi looks amazing as the Mad Hatter!

Autumn Suites II

Time for some more amazing Autumn Suites! Click the images to visit your favorites.

suheily90 has an amazing, architectural scene with animated water.

Don’t you just love sinderr3lla’s chic autumn look?

melo_yelo has a great autumn room full of earthy colors.

aworkinprogress’ stylish posed outfit works beautifully against the city backdrop!


Do you know someone with an amazing Suite? Let us know in the comments!



Sunday Quiz: X-Men

This week, take the quiz to find out which X-men heroine (or villain) you are most like!


1. As a mutant, you need a specialty. What’s yours?

a) Knowing how to manipulate people.

b) My ability to control the environment.

c) My inner strength.

 2. How would your friends describe you?

a) The secretive one.

b) The strong one.

c) The sensitive one.

3. Now, pick a costume for your mutant!

a) Don’t need one.

b) Something practical but dramatic.

c) My regular clothes work just fine.

4. What superpower would you most like to have?

a) Invisibility

b) Super strength

c) Telepathy

5. Imagine mutants start attacking regular people. Whose side are you on?

a) Mutants, obviously.

b) Humans, of course.

c) Can I have some time to think about it?

6. Now imagine there are only regular people left. Would you hide your mutant skills?

a) No way!

b) Yes, to make people feel safe.

c) I would do my best.

7. What about your family, do they know you’re a mutant?

a) Of course!

b) No, I have kept it from them.

c) Yes, but we don’t talk about it.

8. You have the day off and can visit any place in the world. Where do you go?

a) To see an active volcano.

b) To the top of a mountain.

c) To a quiet place in the woods.

9. …and who would you bring with you?

a) I’d go on my own.

b) A family member.

c) My most trusted friend.

10. Finally, would you say you’re independent?

a) Independence is my middle name.

b) I can take care of myself.

c) I like to have other people around.


Time to add up your scores!

Mostly A: Mystique! You’re a proud mutant with amazing skills. You transform, act and deceive people to get what you want, and there’s no stopping you!

Mostly B: Storm! You’re a powerful mutant with a clear sense of right and wrong. You are strong and kind, and always willing to fight for the right cause.

Mostly C: Rogue! You’re a mutant with hidden powers, which are even stronger than you suspect. Once you learn to harness them, you’ll be unstoppable!


Which X-men mutant are you, and what would you like to be quizzed on next week? Don’t forget to tell us in the comments!

MSW Wardrobe


Part of MSW winner Florgatalinda10′s prize was a whole new closet with some of her favorite items from Starplaza. She sent in a wishlist, and the collection of brand new clothes were sent straight to her Suite.

These were some of our favorites, including the gorgeous Lanvin-inspired dress from the latest Fallen Angel collection, a glamorous faux fur, versatile accessories from Miss Sixty and a Pucci print set.


What would you have chosen for your new wardrobe?

Featured Video: Fall Makeup

Guest blogger: the2glams

Hey guys!

Fall is here so why not change your doll’s look into a fall look?

Today, I have fall look that is edgy, cool and easy to re-create on your doll.

I hope you all enjoy it and don’t forget to leave a comment telling me your thoughts or any requests you would like me to do in the future :)

Video Credit: The2glams

Autumn Suites

Cosy up with a hot chocolate and enjoy these wonderful autumn Suites! To see more from each doll, just click the picture!

Clairethebest55 is taking an autumn walk in some killer heels.

ROZA’s chic casual look works great with her cosy living room.

mr.stardaly is having a movie night at her place.

_Angie__ ‘s autumn farm full of adorable animals looks great against the sunset.

Do you know someone with an amazing autumn Suite? Let us know in the comments!


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