Giving Thanks

Hi dolls!

Tomorrow is thanksgiving – the perfect time to take a moment to think about everything that you’re thankful for.

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What are you most thankful for? Maybe you have a great thanksgiving story to share, or a themed room in your Suite which you think we should feature? Let me know in the comments!

Lots of Love,


Black and White Suites

Black & White is a classic decor choice and works with so many styles! We love these Suites, which are as chic as they are creative. To see more from your favorites, just click the images!

babyfacejoo’s cute bedroom has accents of color with a classic black and white base.

matilda_putte’s clean and classy room is decorated with lots of Chanel details.

StarMagicselin’s glamorous room even has a matching pal dressed in black & white.

bell10Pink keeps things understated and minimalist – showing that less is more.

Laura_Eli’s fashion forward room is packed with gorgeous black & white accessories.

Vampire-Mortale has made this room entirely out of DIY items and clever use of decor from Starplaza.

Next week: Winter Suites! Do you know someone who should be featured? Make sure to tell us in the comments.

Sunday Quiz: Frozen

In this quiz, find out which Frozen sister you are most like! Don’t forget to leave a comment with your results, and what you would like to be quizzed on next week.


1. Imagine you have the whole day to yourself. What do you do?

a) Go on an adventure, maybe riding or swimming.

b) Stay cosy on the sofa with my favorite book or movie.

2. How would your friends describe you?

a) The social butterfly.

b) The quiet one.

3. Now, be honest. Are you a bit clumsy?

a) Things DO tend to break around me…

b) Not at all, I hardly ever trip or drop things.

4. …and how do you feel about new experiences?

a) Love them!

b) I’m normally apprehensive at first, I’m a quick learner.

5. Are you a punctual person?

a) I might….on occasion….show up fashionably late.

b) Of course, I’m always on time.

6. Where are you most comfortable?

a) At a party, surrounded by people.

b) At home, with my best friend.

7. Would you say you’re an open person?

a) You can read me like a book!

b) Only with people I trust.

8. Which set of characteristics best describes you?

a) Fun-loving, optimistic, careless.

b) Poised, elegant, reserved.

9. Finally, pick a superpower!

a) Superstrength!

b) Invisibility.


Time to add up your scores!




Mostly A: Anna! You’re an optimistic, glass-is-half-full kind of person who loves new experiences and adventures. You’re easy going and fun to be around, with plenty of energy for your friends and family.



Mostly B: Elsa. You’re poised and intelligent, with a strong but often quiet character. Once you get to know people you really open up and show your soft side and your great sense of humor.

Styling of the Week

Guest blogger: ilgd


The Doll Dress from BodMod is a piece that can be easily transformed from a costume to an everyday, casual dress! I love the slight movement of the skirt and the lightweight fabric. The length hits just below the knees, which makes it perfect to combine with a pair of high-knee boots  (Overknee Boots from JetSet & Traveller Boots  from Nelly) . Put on a slouchy sweater (Off Shoulder Heavy Knit from Nelly ) on top and you have a cozy winter outfit!
I also used :  White House Skirt from Windows on the World (layered under the Doll Dress) and Tartan School Bag from the latest Callie’s Picks collection.
How would you style it?

Mystery Celeb!

Time for a new game! Can you guess who the mystery celeb is? Challenge yourself and your friends and see how quickly you can discover the hidden celebrity! Use the hints to work out the answer and let us know who you think it is by leaving a comment.

5 points: This picture was snapped at the Burberry fall 2014 fashion show.

4 points:This starlet was born in Hackney, England.

3 points: This young celeb was born in 1981.

2 points: Our celeb is a singer/songwriter and used to work as a live model.

1 point: Our mystery celeb’s initials are P.F.


How quickly did you find the identity of the mystery celeb?

Movie Star Contest Winners

The winners of the Movie Star contest have been announced! The competition was open to all Superstar and Royalty film buffs, who dressed up as their favorite movie characters. There were so many amazing entries, our judges were really impressed with your incredible creativity!

Misskingbis created this beautiful scene with the Queen of Hearts.

Alice.miss.1996 made a tribute to The Ring with this scary photo.


VickyVCuchi looks amazing as the Mad Hatter!

Autumn Suites II

Time for some more amazing Autumn Suites! Click the images to visit your favorites.

suheily90 has an amazing, architectural scene with animated water.

Don’t you just love sinderr3lla’s chic autumn look?

melo_yelo has a great autumn room full of earthy colors.

aworkinprogress’ stylish posed outfit works beautifully against the city backdrop!


Do you know someone with an amazing Suite? Let us know in the comments!




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