Stardoll Streets: Sporty Style

ChrissyCouture.spotted on Stardoll: ChrissyCouture.

Mystery Celeb


5 points: She lives in England, but is famous pretty much everywhere.

4 points: This classy lady has become a modern style icon.

3 points: One could say she married into her celebrity status…

2 points: She seems to have flawless hair and frequently makes appearances rocking hats and headpieces (with a reason for it)!

1 point: She’s real-life royalty and goes by title of Duchess of Cambridge.



Too easy? You figured it out, right?

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Meet this year’s Miss Stardoll World!

Drumroll, please.

Your votes have spoken! MSW 2015 is Greece’s own…


cobrarea9 has been a member since 2013 and gathered an impressive list of achievements since then. She is one bold doll who lets her strong personality shine through and is definitely not afraid to express her opinion or stand up for what she believes is right!

You can visit her Suite here.

This year’s competition got especially fierce in the 3rd round, and all finalists got an impressive number of votes! Congrats to all the amazing dolls for the hard work you put into your campaigns.

You can check out the full results in the Miss Stardoll World page.


Thanks to everyone who voted! Remember: crowning the winner would not be possible if it weren’t for all you dolls!


Stardoll Streets: Multi Layered

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 15.15.10spotted on Stardoll: Blyolika

In the Spotlight: Ready for the Fall

It’s a brand new season, guys! Let’s turn a new (yellowing) leaf and fashion up for fall.

The end of summer might make some of you sad… we say, embrace the cold and start shopping for fabulous coats and warmer attire!

Not feeling particularly inspired? Take a look at the top notch styling from these dolls. They’re not only ready, but falling like it’s nobody’s business!



Trendy with a turtleneck!



Styling up the setting.



Quite a dashing rebel.



Street smart, yet cozy.



Fall style that’s fierce and fearless!



Fall colors? We say go for them!



Quirky and cooooool!



Sometimes all you need is a great jacket…

Who Wore It Best? – Hot Bag

We’ll keep things short and sweet. You can see for yourselves how amazing these two dolls look. They’re both looking very Original Future, each in their unique way.

When it comes to accessorizing, bags can be just as important as shoes! Who do you think created the best outfit to go along with this precious HotBuys goodie?

151003Aren’t these looks amazing? Go give them a try!

Contest Winners: Fashion Week Frenzy

You dolls just keep amazing us! We can tell you guys didn’t hold back on the creativity with last week’s “Fashion Week Frenzy” contest when going through the truly inspired stuff you all submitted.

There were quite many collections that were very fashion-forward. As in, we could totally see some of those trends popping in, say, Spring/Summer 2018…

We wish we could feature all your great collections here, but we had to settle on five! Even if you didn’t make it, remember: as long as you had fun and got creative during the Scenery-making process, you can consider it a win!

These were the highlights from the “Fashion Week Frenzy” —


The colors & prints in -Tete‘s collection really made it pop into life!


misshaloola1998 went in another direction and kept it very sleek and minimal — we like! The chairs besides the runway also added a nice touch!


We thought sara002_smile went quite avant-garde here, especially when it comes to the hairstyling of her models.


This may sound silly, but we just though …marta…09‘s styling was tutu cute to pass! The focus here is definitely on the shoes, and, you know… who doesn’t love those?


.Queenof.hearts put together quite a harmonious ensemble. What a cast of dolls & colors!

Pretty cool, huh? Do you guys have a favorite among these fashion week shows?

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